A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Of One of the Highest Peaks is SEA (Mount Kinabalu)

Finally back with another travel adventure of mine.

I have no particular reason to update but when it comes to my travel journey, i would like to pin as much as i can for future reference. I have the worst memory anybody would ever come across so jotting it down is probably the only way to remember in times to come.

Let's start off with how i decided to conquer this mountain. I still remember so vividly when my sis hiked KK 2 years back, one week before the earthquake happened, I told my mum, I don't think i will ever want to pay the money to suffer cause in the 1st place, i really hate walking up even the stairs, the stairs makes me pant, I was such a weakling back then.
Then, last year my dad asked me to support him as being the hare for the month for his monthly hash affair (google up hash if you don't know what's that). That hike got me addicted, I then applied to join the hash club and then came year end, a friend of mine invited me to tag along a camping trip at Lata Merdang to usher in the new year. I was like, why not.. I don't do countdowns in malls, might as well go to the jungle, get some exercise and fresh air in (blogged about it here). So, off i went. After that hike, she invited me for another hike because she was getting ready for her KK hike.

Hikes after hikes, so i told myself, i might as well just conquer KK now since i have been vigorously hiking.

So, without further ado, i booked my flight with Malindo to KK cause there was a sales. I should have done the booking the other way round. Book my hike first before i booked my flight, i made a mistake there.
So, when i called up Sutera Harbour to enquire, they told me there no longer have slots, call back a month before mu official hike to check on availabilities, i dare not take the chance therefore i made the booking through an agent: Amazing Borneo. The price is almost double of the price that Sutera Harbour is offering but i had no other options already, it's either i risk calling 1 month before my hike or go with amazing borneo. Even with Amazing Borneo, there were only 4 slots left when in actual there were 5 of us.

I went with the latter, paid a whopping RM1400 per pax for a the hike. By hook or by crook i have to make it to low peak la i told myself cause i won't be doing this again. The price just doesn't justify!

One thing about Amazing Borneo is that, they have great and efficient service; fast email response, friendly staff etc. Though the price was heavy but there were no hiccup throughout.

Let's move on to the actual hike now..

I booked a night stay at Promenade Service Apartment at Api Api area, it's the worst place to stay at, no one warned me about it, i saw that it was relatively cheap so i just book for a night la.. The place was dodgy AF. Lotsa foreign workers and it wasn't a very clean place to begin with, it looks so different from visuals. But for the price of RM92 per night, what can i ask for right?

Anyway, the next morning, we woke at 5AM to have a quick breakfast at MCD before the transport that Amazing Borneo arranged for us picks us up at 6AM. We packed up our luggage and brought it along to Kinabalu National Park as well cause they have baggage service for RM12/baggage. Reasonable price, me and Eric had one bag respectively.

The ride took about close to 2 hours, 1 hour into the ride i took the altitude sickness pills just to be safe cause after all the park is already 1,800++M above sea level. I don't want my entire hike experience to be ruined by altitude sickness and what not.

Anyway, we arrived relatively late, about 8.50AM, took a while to get our registration done. Get our pack lunch which consist off (sandwich, fried chicken, hard boiled egg, an apple and a bottle of mineral water), get to know our guide which was okay, would not say his service was the best. HAHA At about 9.20AM, we took a mini van to the entrance of Timpohon Gate, that's where we will be starting our 1st out of 6KM hike up to Laban Rata.

We started our hike at 9.35AM, still remember clearly cause we did a time check and Yong Sheng clearly said, we have to make it there by 2PM. Please don't take anything longer than that cause, we kia su, scared no food and also too tired. LOL

The first challenge was to descend a flight of stairs before the official hike begins.

1st attraction you will pass is the Carson's waterfall, insist that we take a group pic here because i know we wouldn't stop just for a pic when we are otw back. We will be too tired for pic shit by then.

Picture taken at one of the hut while resting. Oh, just so i don't forget please observe YS's jaw line, he wants to show off how define his jaw line is, so i need to at least give his jaw line a mention in this post la.

We carried our own bag. We did not pay for a potter to carry our stuff, someone *ahemYSahem* told me not to be a freaking pussy la. It's just 5KG of weights, how bad can it be, if we were able to do ledang which journey were longer than KK's, why can't we carry our staff for KK. I had no other options cause the BF got hynoptised by him as well. Told Eric, if i cannot carry mid way, he needs to help me le and thank god he did. At the 3rd KM, i passed my bag over, he was carrying 2 bags and yet was ahead of me. LOL

Took over again after the 4th KM kay, i'm not that big of a bully okay.

The hike up was flights of stairs after stairs tbh. Everything was so well made, the hiking experience was made so easy but still i was panting like mad la. Guide kept asking me to find smaller steps, so i did what he told la. Very gungho at the beginning, i was taking such big steps but after the 1KM, i started finding for smaller steps edy. lol

We stopped at the 4KM (layang layang hut) for our lunch break.

We initially wanted to quickly grab a bite and then continue our last 2KM but the moment we arrived, it started pouring, the rain was relatively heavy man. So, we decided on a 30 mins break, by 12.30PM, if the rain doesn't stop, we will just put on our raincoat and start our journey again.

Was still pouring at 12.30PM, so we decided to just march on, after starting our journey again for 5 mins, the rain came to a halt. yay~
But the last 2KM, we took it slow and sweet la. The 1st 4KM, i couldn't even see the 3 fella's shadow le. But the last 2KM, all of them were just one or two steps in front of me. Heheh. Waited for me siot! Or i think they have also ran out of gas la. LOL

Chee Ping was trying to find an insect to sacrifice to see what happens after an insect goes it. LOL Ntg happened FYI.

At the 5KM, the view was fantastic! We made a 10 mins stop here to capture tons of pictures le!

Not even joking, Chee Ping and Ys took damn a lot of selfie, the shared folder pics consist of so many of their selfies. hahah They look like a couple going on a honeymoon sia.

I approved Chee Ping's photo skills, he takes such fantastic pics!!!! Thanks CP! :)

KK wouldn't be complete without us dabbing at least once. Stupid Eric thinks he very cool le, all dab except for him! =.="

The last KM were purely just rocks after rocks.. Huge rocks all the way up.

When we saw Laban Rata, we thought we saw heaven eh. Sorry exaggerate a bit. HAHAH

Felt so good to arrive at where we want to be for the day at sharp 2PM. We mad it in 4 hours 30 mins.

The view from the lodge. More and more people are arriving as time passes.

We sat down for a while to rest our legs before heading to the balcony to snap a few pics, standing out there for only 3 mins really chills the shit out of you, it's very very cold and breezy.

Credits Chee Ping!

After that, we head to our room to chop the beds and also clean up. The first thing i wanted to do was to shower la, cause my sis warned me that i should quickly shower before the hot water is used up. Too bad so sad, even though we were the first few to shower there were no more hot water. FML!

The caucasians ahead of me told me that she stood there for ages hoping that there will be hot water but no such luck, so she went off without showering. But, being asians, we are not used to not showering le. So i took the plunge, jumped like a mad cow in the toilet, it was so fucking cold. So so cold, my head went a little numb while i was washing my hair. That was how bad it was.

Lunch was only served at 4.30PM, I was already mad starving at 3plus, hoping that the time passed quickly, i was hoping to catch a quick nap but even with no fan and air cond, the room was so so cold, being under the covers doesn't really help as well.. So i just lie down on the bed hoping for time to pass quickly.

Lunch never tasted so good! There were tons of varieties tbh! Food was really good, maybe we were just very very hungry. The boys helped themselves to so many servings. I lost count.

After dinner, we headed straight for bed. Lie down at 7+, hoping to get some shut eyes before our 2AM morning call. No such luck, Eric slept at the top of the bunk bed, he kept moving and the bed made weird creaking sound, so i did not managed to catch any proper sleep till probably round 11+. At 1.45PM, my alarm rang, woke up instantly to get ready.

"Supper" was served at 2AM. No appetite at such hours, so i had only a little but of bee hoon, bad move, when i was descending, i was already so hungry again! I really messed up my body system altogether. My body/stomach took it badly for an entire week after i came back home. Indigestion plus gas in the stomach. I could not eat much the entire week and on top of that, after every meal, i needed ENO to help with the indigestion.

Anyways, we started our journey up at 2.45AM, being one of the latest to start, the guide told us, if the weather continues to deteriorate, we might have to make a u-turn and return to the lodge. I was praying so so hard that no such thing would take place. My heart and wallet would not take it well at all. hahaha.

With us not getting a head start, there were tons of people blocking our path, so the walk up to the 7th KM was very very slow and it was rather hard to go ahead because the path isn't very huge but with not much choice, we still had to cut people off by saying excuse me and thank you.

Made it up to the 7th KM at around 4.05AM or so if i'm not wrong. Took a short 20 mins break to refill our bottles and also our tummy with energy gel before we proceed. Crowd was coming in, so we didn't want to rest so long also.

Continued our journey up, the last 1.8KM was quick tough, with the air so thin, wind so strong and cold. Breathing was a little tougher but we kept our guide's pace, we wanted to ensure we arrive before the sun rise.

We arrived at 5.45AM, within a few mins the sky was slowly turning bright.. No luck of any sun rise because the weather was in a very bad condition.

I never imagined the peak to be so so small! We were only allowed to snap a few pics before heading down because people were also queuing to grab a pic.

It was so foggy, picture taken wasn't very very nice, but it's better than ntg at all.

The time diff between the pic above and below were app 5 mins and look at what 5 mins can do?

As the sky turn brighter, we started taking even more pics on the way down. Spamming you guys with lots and lots of pictures next! :)

The journey down was actually a lot tougher than the journey up, I felt the strain on my knees and on top of that, it was very very slippery due to the rain fall the night before.

Made it down to Laban Rata at about 8AM+, had a quick breakfast before we head back to our room for a power nap. The nap helped seriously! At 10AM, we started descending.

Poor YS, sprained his ankle after only 700M down. With 5.3KM left, i was also super worried how was he gonna make it down all the way. FHL. Thankfully, he made it, small and slow steps. We took 4 hours to go down. HAHAHA. I think if he didn't sprain his ankle, we would have all made it down within 3 hours. But, we were not in a hurry la so it's okay!

Group pic to end our hike. I'm not sure of the others but i sure did enjoy myself this trip, with great company that made the hike filled with laughters. I am glad it is with this bunch of people i conquered the mountain with! Thank you Bi, Yong Sheng and Chee Ping for being such a sport! <3

Verdict: The hike isn't tough at all, it really is a mind game, with the endless steps.
Would i do it again? Yes, on terms that it's paid for. I would never pay just to hike it again. HAHAH

Vlog coming up soon!

Signing off,
Samantha Tew

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