A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Resolution for 2017

Referring to my post in 2016

I only managed to accomplished 1 out of the 4 points i promised. Only thing i managed to do is pick up Yoga, which i am still doing atm!

Promised to spend more time with my parents failed cause i moved even further since April, i still do go home whenever i feel like it cause working in Nom2 gave me the leniency, but i officially shifted out in Oct when i started my new job. New job is only 30 mins away from Eric's home and it takes 1 and half hour from Klang everyday. Toll prices for both ways is RM9.20! I can;t afford to spend those money. Staying at Eric's house does not require any rental. heheh

I did not managed to cook also! LOL Bad excuse = No proper kitchen! Fine, i;m just lazy kay!

I did not managed to pick up Korean language as well, i was facing a very very very bad financial year last year, had to loan money from mum and Eric some months! That was how bad it was... Mostly caused by bad financial planning and also bad work decision! I should have moved on long ago but because i enjoyed my work company, so i stayed on to see what the company could offer. =(
I believe 2017 would be a better year, things has been improving for the past 2 months! Really glad i made the decision to finally leave even though i miss everything about the previous work space!

Well, past is the past... It's time to make new resolution.

1. Still pick up Korean

Been looking around for suitable slot to start my class officially, Eric said he would want to join me eh... not sure how true is that.

Discovered that there is a class at Kota Damansara every Tuesday from 8 - 10PM! Time to get down to it soon!

2. Save enough money to buy my parents airplane ticket for our 2018 family trip.

Self explanatory!

3. Spend more time with my family

Make it a point to have meals with my mum and dad on weekends even though i really just want to sleep in or hide at home sometimes.

Have notice that, for the past few months, my weekends are always packs! Always seems like i have something to do on weekends and it's unavoidable! HAHAHAH..

4. Be more of a responsible GF

Do the cleaning and make lesser excuses! Allows him to play his stupid games. LOL =.=

5. To hike Mount KK 

I have starting picking up trekking/hiking as a hobby since May! I really enjoy the exercise, it gives me a good exercise and sweat. Have to prep myself for Mount KK this year! Hopefully I would be a able to accomplish this by June!

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