A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Camping at Lubuk Mecu (Lata Medang/Bukit Kutu)

Back to back blogpost! On the roll guys.

HAHAH, no la. I am really committed to update whatever that I have been missing out on by this weekend. So here goes a series of blogpost, please bear with me yea.

How did i usher in 2017?

Well, we did something less mainstream this year.

A week before New Year, Agnes asked me if I was interested to go camping with her bunch of friends, which are no my friends too.

clockwise from left: Ah Yeaw, Cliff, SS, Vivian, Chi Ho, Ezekiel, Nicole, me & Agnes

I agreed instantly, but was still hesitating, i hesitated till the night before we depart. Reason being, I actually wanted to spend it with my family/Eric or just sleep in la. But i knew there no backing out already when Agnes came over to Mont Kiara to meet me. LOL'

We woke up at 5.45AM on 31st Dec, Ah Yeow gave Cliff, SS, Agnes & I a lift. Kudos to the driver for waking up at 5AM to pick all of us up. hehehe

With a bag that weight more than 5KG, we started hiking at 10plus. Journey to Lubuk Mecu is apps 6KM and it will take us about 2 hours + to arrive at our destination.

Just to give you an idea of how this hill looks like. I borrow a pic from Kaki Travel:

The bottom is Kampung Pertak, it's where the orang asli lives. To hike to  Lata Medang, we need to cross 2 bridge. 1st bridge is very bouncy while the 2nd bridge is actually half broken, partially sink in the water, thank god there is a log to step on while crossing.

We arrived at Lubuk Mecu at around 12++, instantly started setting up our tent and looking for dried branches to start fire before the fire set.

This is how Lubuk Mecu looks like, and right beside this waterfall is our tent.

We had enough space to set up 4 tents and 1 extra tent to store our bags. LOL

Agnes purposely bought a new tent for this trip, both of us slept in the silver looking tent. We have more than enough sleep man!

The tent right behind is a rather huge tent, which could easily fit up to 6 people but only 4 ppl stayed in it.

Canvas to cover the dry sticks cause it started to drizzle while we rest on it. heheh

At about 3plus, all of us decided to jump into the water! Water was freaking cold.. so so so cold!
Kudos to Cliff for the fantastic pics from his GoPro!

All of us had our fair share of getting splashed will getting out solo shot. HAHAH

By 4+, all those who made a day trip hikers have packed up and started leaving. We then had a chance to shampooed our hair and even wash our body! HAHAHA

Didn't wanna do it in front of the public, fear of being criticised for leaving pollution cause the substance we used are not organic stuff. :P

Showered and got change. Took a nap from 5.30 - 6.30PM before the guys started setting up the fire.

Not easy man setting up the fire, esp when the grown is wet after a downpour while we snooze away and the semi wet sticks did not contribute!

Spent almost 4 hours to get the fire running! a lot of blowing and fanning!

By 7PM, we could kinda see that it's pretty dark already in the wood. 

Nicole starting cooking for all of us! hehehe. Best maggie ever! Dark and cold and the maggie was cooked nicely! hehehe 

Night selfies, with the Selfie ring ring i brought!! 

The ring light came in handle also cause it was used as a touchlight when all of us bunk into the huge tent to play killer and police!

Had a good laugh at everyone's narration, of course, we had a little bit of alcohol, brought 2 bottle of wine up hill and had it chilled in the stream. HAHAHA

Played all the way till 1AM before head to bed!

Next day, we wanted to head to Lata Medang, one of the hikers told us it's only 5 mins away, but Cliff was;t sure if he heard 5 mins or 50 mins. LOL

We hiked for 5 mins but still arrive at Lata Medang so we gave up, instead found this gem!
** Came back, read up a few other blogpost to only find out that Lata Medang was only 10 - 15 mins away, we could have reach anytime soon if we continued on! sigh!! Blame me for not doing enough research!

It's pretty dangerous up here, roads are pretty slippery at certain area and the water current was fast! We had to be extra caution while sending on the cliff!

Act emo yi ge!

Amazing amazing experience i would say!

Had so much fun with this bunch of new friends i just made!

Well, here are a few pros and cons from my personal experience

1. Very detach from the outside world, had no data at all to go on any sort of social media. It was a great getaway without technology

2. A good exercise, sweat like a pig

3. Learnt to appreciate my bed, pillow and anything nice on my bed after sleeping on the ground


1. Had to held back my shit. LOL So super tough, peeing was also tough because you need a friend to look around for you.

2. Lurking a 5KG bag up for 2 hours plus, added burden. Tough hike!

Overall, I would totally do it again because we had so much fun!!!

Signing off,
Samantha Tew


  1. Hey Samantha, thanks for sharing your experience. Can I ask if you have to apply a permit? Or anyone we should contact or inform prior to heading there? Thanks!

  2. I also want to ask the same question to her but i just forget it because she never reply your question.. waa