A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

A Fine Experience at Marble 8 Steakhouse

Promised myself to blog today, so i spent an hour plus just transferring pictures from my phone to the Macbook and sorting them by events/albums.

An hour just flew by like that. Sighh.. time, where have you gone to?

Anyway, this is a throwback blogpost.

If you did follow me on Instagram, you would have already guessed that I recently had the chance to enjoy a meal at Marble 8 courtesy of me bf.

By far the most expensive meal we have had together, don't even know what was the occasion la tbh, I have just been bugging him for the longest time to bring me there for the wagyu and he finally agreed to do so a week before Christmas. We decided not to go before Christmas because we were worried that it might be pack.

I am a huge fan of steak, so I'm ready to try all the steak i can get in the world. LOL

Told Eric, to cheer me up he just need to buy me 1. Steak 2. Crab. LOL Two of my fav food!

So, a day before we went to Marble 8, we made a booking for 7PM, being the kiasu Malaysian that we are, we arrived at 6.30PM to only find out that the place isn't open until 7PM. So me and Eric sat in the car and waited.

Were the 1st to arrive therefore, we had the best seat in the room!

Ambience was romantic but we weren't la. LOL

Took our time looking through the menu, deciding which chunk of meat should i devour. HAHAH. We were ready to burn a hole in our pocket that night, expecting the bill to come up to about 1,000.

I had my eyes set on the wet aged beef actually, reason being, i love love love juicy beef, seeing the juice oozing out when i cut em pieces makes me happy, but the waiter recommended the dry aged beef instead, he said wet aged beef is a waste because the juice oozes out and it goes to waste.

It's okay, i will be back again to try out the wet aged beef. Oh, another reason why i went with the dry aged beef was because they only serve Wagyu in dry aged beef. All wet aged by black angus.

I wanted to try wagyu therefore the decision!

Complimentary beard, love the sun dried tomato dressing. The others, i have no idea what are they except for the olive oil.

The waiters there are extremeeeeelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy polite and helpful!

We needed help in wine recommendation and he said quite a number of things that i could;t catch, still couldn't decide though even after his recommendation, so i told him the wine that goes well with everything la. LOL

We took two glasses, i ended up finishing both cause Eric isn't a fan of alcohol. hahaha

We had the Hokkaido scallop and lobster carpaccio with yes sauce and wasabi mayonnaise topped with roasted sesame seed. Price at RM88

erm, i didn't quite enjoy this exquisite meal tho. Too raw for my liking. heheh

Eric ordered the roasted lamb rack cause he isn't a fan of steak. It was alright only, had better ones before.

and here comes my glorious steak:

I don't know how to describe the 1st bite, i was smiling from eye to eye man! All i can think about was, this is by far the best chunk of wagyu i have ever tasted before.
"Is this how heaven taste like"
"I am definitely coming here again"

All those were running through my mind. HAHAHAH

It was so so good, i couldn't beare to even share a piece with Eric, but i did la okay! HAHAHAH

Have i forgot to mention that, we ordered steak fries with truffle mayo and baked portobello mushroom as our sides.
The truffle mayo was the BOMB! even Eric agreed, it's hard to please Eric when it comes to food but he said the Truffle Mayo was something!

Complimentary dessert and of course we ordered our own dessert, the waiter made it on the spot for us, just right beside out table. Too lazy to have the video uploaded here. Sorry guys! HAHAH

Total damage was RM800++ for 2 pax

That's all folk!

Signing off,
Samantha Tew

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