A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Funny Things We Say #3

Hi guys, i'm back with a short update. haha

Lost the motivation to blog recently and even more, after i left Nuffnang, i felt that I no longer need to monitor Social Media anymore. Used to keep myself updated with what all my talents are doing but now i'm doing it casually, as and when i want. hahah

Anyway, here's what recently took place:


The night before we watch Fantastic Beast, we watch movies at this mall call Kepong Village Mall and they happen to have KFC there.

Sam: Bi, tomorrow I want to eat KFC

Eric: *stares at me* look at your size like KFC edy, still want to eat KFC

Sam: *didn't know how to react so i burst out laughing* HAHAHAHAHAH

He always calls me fat when i am not even close to fat. My butt is huge but that does not mean i am fat lor.. tsk tsk tsk!




Company was doing a secret santa thing and i really really wanted to receive present from Eric also. So this is what went down:

Sam: Bi, let do Secret Santa together, I will be your secret santa and you be my secret santa. Not so secret after all la but just pretend it's a secret la. We must buy each other present worth more than RM100 edy. *mind was running thru what should i buy for him edy*

Eric: Don't want, later i buy for your RM500-600 stuff and you buy for RM101 stuff.

Sam: *stun again and burst out laughing again* hahahahahahah I won't or bi, i won't! Why you say me like that!

Eric: Cause you are like that

Sam: HAHAHAHAHAHAH fuck you!


Our relationship very loving hor, all we do on a daily basis is diss each other. So much fun!!!!!!

Signing off,
Samantha Tew

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