A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Saturday, 26 November 2016

3D2N at Sungai Lembing

Last month, I managed to visit this small town called Sungai Lembing. It's so so small till the point whereby ppl living in that town know each other, literally that small.

A handful of restaurants/hawker also and it's basically just one straight road in.

The reason why we made a trip here was cause of Hash run (A lil explanation of what Hashing is), I have started taking part in the monthly hash organised by Royal Klang Club hash back in May/June and since then have been quite consistent about it. I really enjoy the good exercise, basically you be tracing papers placed in the jungle by the hares to find your way out. Lotsa hiking!

So this year's hash done out of Klang falls at Sungai Lembing and Lembing is famous for the Rainbow waterfall and i really wanna see it, it looks drop dead gorgeous in pics.

We stayed at this place call Lembing Riverside Resort, it's basically a homestay concept kinda resort. Mom, dad & I shared a room. Extracted the image from google:

Sungai Lembing is about 5 hours bus ride away from Klang, we stopped at Bukit Tinggi along the way for lunch before making our way to Sungai Lembing.

Our very first stop at Sg Lembing is a restaurant/inn. Had our lunch here, very simple Chinese food, ntg fancy at all and I am not sure how much it was cause dad paid my share.

How to know if you have arrived at Sg Lembing?

You will not miss this huge ass tree smack in the middle of the road, it's an indication and also a mini round about. LOL

A mini tour of our stay:

Reception/lobby/gathering area :

Self made hammock:

Self made swing:

Why is this resort call Sungai Lembing riverview resort?

Cause right beside the resort, it's a stream.

My not so trusted hiking shoes which only cost RM80, i get blisters all the damn time.

Day 1 was dedicated for the hash run. The route this round was pretty easy but i was stung by a freaking wasp/bee (not sure which), which have yet to recover fully after 2 weeks.

A suspension bridge:

After every run, there is a "circle" done to gather all the hasher, punishment of sitting on ice would be implemented on those who cheated or made mistake during the run. HAHAH

This round circle was a lil special cause right beside our resort, there was a flowing river, a chair was placed in the river and ice was placed on the chair. Those who made mistakes are made to sit on ice. HAHAH

Basically, this hashing thing, lotsa uncles and aunties are part of it cause it's a good exercise and you meet tons of ppl from all walks of life. I am the youngest in the team, all this uncles and aunties are of my parents age. But, i don't mind accompanying them because some of this uncles/aunties really treat me exceptionally well :)

Dinner made with love, cooked by the resort owner's wife. :)

Day 2

Woke up at a whopping 5AM because today is waterfall day! yahoo!

Breakfast is at this hawker centre at starts operating at 4AM to cater to those who are visiting the waterfall or hiking the panoramic hill. Business ends at 12PM.
I wouldn't say food is exceptionally cheap for a small town btw! A bowl of noodle still cost RM4.50 - RM5, which is the usual Klang rate.

To get to the waterfall, visitors need to charter a four wheel drive because there will be a bumpy ride up ahead.

Before heading to the waterfall, the driver stopped us at an area to catch the sun rise. can't really see the sun rising though, could only see how the sky changes in color. HAHAH

Maintenance of the car is quite bad man tbh, the road that this Hilux had to go thru was no joke, muddy and so so so bumpy/rocky.

Ride in took us about 45 mins or so, a good butt massage but it was a flipping good experience!

Upon arriving at our destination, we had to cross a stream before we do a short 20-30 mins hike. Hike was relatively easy, ntg to fuss about but make make make sure you purchase a pair of plastic adidas shoes. RM10 a pair, technically not an adidas, don't know why ppl call it that? lol

At times like this, i wish i had a proper camera to capture these beauties. The note 5 is good but it just doesn't capture the full essence. hahaha

Trina spot the rainbow. The rainbow gets lower and lower as the sun rises. :)

Chilling our cup of milo in the lake, the lake water was seriously super cold.

The view was stunning, it was perfect, I wish Eric was around to help me snap a few beautiful shots, parents are horrible at taking pics! But, nevertheless, i enjoyed myself.

Th rainbow is only visible when the sun is shining right! IF you are lucky, you might even see a double rainbow but we didn't had such luck tho, only saw 1.

Dive into the icy cold water the moment i arrived and made my way to the waterfall. Water sprinkling on my skin, feels so good!

Only thing is, i went bare foot - bad choice. I kept slipping because the rocks are slippery. Won myself tons of bruises from this waterfall, a souvenir i call it! wtf lol

Entrance fee is RM8, it comes with a hot cup of Milo and a cup of Instant noodle! :)
I asked the driver, how much is it to charter a four wheel drive, he said entire car is RM400, taking up to about 14 pax max but if you are going with strangers, it would be RM50 per pax, which isn't really that bad.

After soaking up the sun and water, we head back to town. Another 45 mins of bumpy ride. hahah

The rest of the day was spent lazing around, took a 2 hours plus nap cause waking up at 5AM was no joke. I don't even wake up that early for work.

Went for a cycle at 5PM, there is a famous shop located about 1KM away from my resort which sells hand made noodle and fantastic taufufa, had 3 taufufa on the spot. A lil too pricy, RM2 for a small container. =( but it tasted really good esp when it's made sweet! :)

Thank you Uncle Victor for the treat! :) Had 3 cups and a bottle of drink.. phewww

Day 3

Woke up at 5AM again because today, we be hiking the panoramic hill for sun rise.

This hike, no joke! It's also cause i am quite out of shape, I haven been exercising regularly since 6 months ago. I came in 2nd, I can't believe an aunty in her late 40s' was ahead of me. Just wowwww Sam, wowwww... such a disgrace. wtf lol

Anyway, hike took us about 23 mins. 23 mins of none-stop steps, steps are made of concrete. I know what to expect for Mount Kinabalu now. LOL

Arrived at 6.20AM and it was still pitch black.

No luck on seeing sun rise that day, sky was filled with clouds, so what we saw was a piece of fluffy clouds, it was beautifullllllll~

So so beautiful! :) I wish I could just dive right into the clouds and make myself comfortable in between em. *wishful thinking*

Anyway, we stayed till about 8AM before we made our way down. Had breakfast at the same spot before we head to the museum.

The Sungai Lembing Mine Museum, entrance fee was RM2, went in to learn a little of the past. Ntg much to see, so even if you skip this, you will not miss out much.

We took this rusty train into the mine, cost us RM15.90 per person. HAHAHA

Ntg much to see tho! Don't waste the money. HAHAH

Well, that's it for this trip.

Cant wait for my next trip next year! :)

Signing off,
Samantha Tew

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