A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Day 7 (Last Day in Jeju - Seongsan Ilchulbong & Cheonjeyeon)

Down with my final post for my Korea trip (late for 4 months). I am sometimes very amazed with my procrastinating skills and laziness.

Okay, all those aside. Here is the finale to my Korea trip.

After lunch, we drove up a little and Seongsan Ilchulbong (Sunrise Peak) was just right there, a friend of mine told me that i can't miss the Sunrise peak because the view is amazing. It's actually a bowl-like crater that was caused by volcanic eruption.

I couldn't stop looking into the distance. The view is so so beautiful and the temperature was just right, I did sweat a little while hiking all the way up.

It's a 20 - 30 mins hike up, depending on physical capabilities but yea, nothing too strenuous la.

Like i mentioned, weather was just nice, so the hike was easy.

During winter, the crater is like another piece of brown land but cause it's spring now, it's greens.

Walking to the other end of the crater, you will come across the sea and just right below, there are ahjumma diving to pick up seafood (abalone, clamps etc)

Those boay floating indicated where the ahjummas are diving at.

Next stop was to have a little dessert, Eric is a hugeass fan of Mango and so he wanted to try this Mango dessert place.

TBH, i don't even recall the name and it's not worth remember cause this 3 serving cost us RM100+.. wtf and it's not even tasty.. FML seriously!

After dessert, we drove down south, It's an hour 30 mins drive away to Cheonjeyeon waterfall.

Entrance fee is 3,000KRW, glad that we decided to come here though cause it looks amazing!

Cheonjeyeon is the only waterfall that is directly linked to the ocean.

We were contemplating between Cheonjeyeon or CheonJiYeon, but ended up at the formal. hahah

There were tons of people there, everyone looking to get a good spot for pictures and some were just wasting their time there cause the place looks so beautiful!

Rainbow! :)

Cheonjeyeon was basically our last stop before we head to Yeon Dong again for dinner and also to spend our last bit of money on cosmetic. hahaha

We have a remaining of RM2,000+ on our last day and to think that we did actually splurge le.

Final BBQ dinner at a random shop, by then, i was so fed up with BBQ edy, told myself no more BBQ for the next 3 months of so and yeap, haven had BBQ yet since then.

Took a pic of my ex-bf. HAHAHAHAHA WTF

My current bf is Park Bo Gum! :D My bf always change 1 la. wtf #Slut

Till then, i will see you again soon!

Probably in Feb 2017 la, cause that would be when my next trip falls on. Cant wait for my next holiday already!

Signing off,
Samantha Tew

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