A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Day 7 (Final Day in Jeju - Kimnyeong Maze, Manjanggul Cave & Lunch)

Woah, my most sincere apologies for leaving this space empty for such a long while, I was really very caught up with work and also ummm Korean dramas. LOL

Been catching so many dramas at once, so everyday after work, all i do is lie down and watch new episodes of Uncontrollably fond, doctors, bring it on ghost and W. I just started Cinderella and 4 Knight, 1st episode looks really interesting as well. heheh

And because of W, Lee Jong Suk being the main character in the drama, I have opt to catch up with Doctor Stranger, his previous hit. HAHA

Anyway, off track a little. This will be the final posting for Korea trip, 3 months after my trip. Sorry, it took a long while.

I might have to break this post up to two parts, we really went all out on our last day, took like a tour around the entire Jeju, Jeju City to Seogwipo and then to Yeon Dong and then back to Jeju Art House. It's basically 3 quarter of the island covered.

Started our day with a little maze.. It was just a 5 mins drive away from Jeju Art House :)

Kimnyeong Maze Park, entrance fee is around 6,000KRW each.

It was really challenging I would say but a great experience with maze as both em Eric had not been into a maze before.

We enjoyed wandering around the 3,300m2 maze. The challenge before we can finally ring the bell is to find six chop that represents Jeju. The chop is store within the maze in a P.O Box.

My handsome boy~ 

We spent about 30 mins or so at at Kimnyeong Maze before heading to ManJanggul Cave.

Manjanggul Cave is about 3 mins away from Gimnyeong Maze, it's just a little bit deeper into he street.

Manjanggul Cave is the world's largest lava tube created by a volcanic explosion.

The inside of the cave is rather cold. *thank god for the outer wear i brought along*. It makes you feel like you are in an underground palace.

Entrance fee : KRW 2,000

The harden lava.

1KM to go before you reach your destination.

this is what everyone was walking towards. We took a slow stroll all the way in but on our way out, we took a brisk walk in order to save a little bit of time and also because we could feel our tummy calling already. LOL

See, this sakai Eric.. Asked him to snap a proper pic of me, he took this half headed pic!

Saw a bed of small flowers and i knew I had to take this! It's so darn gorgeous! :(

I miss Korea so much.

Off we go for lunch at this place call Jeju Ddeuk Bae Gi. (sorry, don't have English translation)

How we discover this place?

Well, we were flipping through the booklet that Sixt gave us and came across this restaurant that had 15% discount off Ala-Carter menu. We thought it was a good steal and the place looks really good. Ended up wazing our place there to only realised that it's super near to Seongsan Ilchubong. The next place that we were heading too.

Love love loveeee Korean Black Bean! don't get how people can pick out their beans. HAHAH

The squid found in this pancake is super generous la!

The restaurant is by the sea side la actually so it wasn't a surprise to see the seafood so fresh and juicy!

1st try of Fresh abalone! *salivating*

No stinky fishy smell at all, this portion for 2 pax. Me and Eric had a hard time finishing everything. HAHAH

Dweonjang Jiggae - Soy Bean Paste Soup

Another type of fish which i did not fancy at all. Eric had most of it!

and... this!!

Mackerel, a superman of mackerel fish! The pic can't justify how huge this mackerel is le, and the meat tasted a lot like chicken le! hahaha

So so sooooo good!

Total damage caused by this meal is KRW 78,000 (RM200++). Our 2nd most expensive meal in Korea.

Ending this post here! Next post coming up real soon *i hope it ain't gonna be 2 months later* LOL

Signing off,
Samantha Tew

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