A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Day 5 at Jeju #SamInJeju (Guide to Renting A Car + Black Pork Street + Jeju Art House)

Happy Eid to all my Muslim friends!

It's nice to get a a 2 days break without any pending work at hand. I haven had any proper weekends for a few weeks already, been always trying to get proposal done over the weekend so i don't have to rush em during weekdays. :)

This week would be rather quiet, so i'm taking the time to just update my blog as well as catch up with all the overdue dramas/series. lol

Well, without further ado. Let's get back to pinning down my Korea trip.

Day 5 we depart to Jeju! So eggcitedd!

I was actually contemplating between Busan or Jeju, no regrets on choosing Jeju and thanks to Wei Zhi for telling me that I should opt for Jeju.

We took an internal flight (Jeju Air) to Jeju from Gimpo airport. Ticket cost us app RM200, i read somewhere that we could have gotten the ticket as low as RM120-RM150 if we booked them even earlier. I actually booked them 2 - 3 months earlier already.

Upon arriving at Gimpo Hotel, was time to look for Terminal 5 because that is where the shuttle bus to our car rental place will pick up the passengers. We rented a car from Sixt through Expedia. I do a lot of price comparison before settling down on payment, that's where all the savings can be done. Even if it's a RM10 savings, i would be glad.

The shuttle bus is orange in color and you wouldn't miss it cause the word SIXT is clearly written on the bus, hop on it and it would bring you directly to headquarter, the shuttle runs at a 15 mins interval. DON'T CROSS THE ROAD, I REPEAT! DON'T CROSS THE ROAD CAUSE THE BUS ISN'T STOPPING AT THE BUS STOP.

Print screened just to make a comparison, it's much more expensive on Sixt's official website.

Expedia is offering em at a cheaper rate for the same car. I rented a Kia Morning cause it was the cheapest option and we did not need a huge car for just two person.

Car rental total came up to app W80,000++ = RM280++! Eric said it's cheaper than renting a car back in Malaysia.

Oh ya guys, just a reminder, don't bother buying the extra insurance on Expedia cause it's pointless and the guy at Sixt would probably ask you again if you are keen on the day of your collection, if you want to purchase the insurance on the spot, just let the manager know.

I told Eric, we be extra cautious so we skipped the Insurance part. #YOLO

It's left hand drive in Korea, was a little uncomfortable at the beginning Eric said, but nothing too tough.

Payment is made on the spot btw, make sure you have your credit card with you. Expedia is just to book it at a cheaper rate.

Every car comes with a GPS, it's very very very easy to manoeuvre, just remember to prep the numbers of the places you want to visit and key em in as per instructed by the manager. He would actually teach you how to function the GPS so don't panic!

Just to help you out, here are a few that i jot down

GPS Coordinates to Jeju Attractions in Seogwipo City
Cheonjiyeon Waterfall : 7331528
Jeongbang Waterfall: 7331530
Cheonjeyeon Waterfall: 7381529
Feliz Telcon Hotel (we stayed at this hotel): 7492008
Black Pork BBQ place (popular among locals): 7628588

GPS Coordinates to Jeju Attractions in Jeju City
Yongduam Rock (Dragon Head Rock): 7283918
Dongmun Market: 7523001
Jeju NANTA theatre: 7238878

GPS Coordinates to Other Jeju Attractions
Seongsan Ilchulbong (Sunrise Peak): 7830959 or 7107923
Manjanggul Lava Cave: 7834818
Gimnyeong (also spelt as Kimnyeong) Maze Park: 7829266
Mount Sanbang: 7942940
Oedolgae Rock: 7328027
Teddy Bear Museum: 7387600 (this is located at Jungmun Resort)
Sangumburi Crater: 7839900
Hallim Park: 7960001

Oh, don't forget to get a booklet from Sixt, it's thick booklet that tells you where to go and what to enjoy. The phone numbers of the attraction can be found on the booklet as well.

By the time we left Sixt, it was already close to 3PM, hop on and headed to Black pork street. According to research, black pork bbq is a must try but i reckon that you don't bother at all la because it tasted the same as any other pork and the price is a little higher.

There were a few shop along that street, we just popped into the one we parked in front of. LOL

The waitress would actually bring over a bowl of kimchi and bean sprout and we though it was for consumption la cause usually Kimchi is for eating one right as side dishes.

Apparently NOT YET! It act as an oil absorber for the BBQ, pork produces a lot of oil when it's BBQ.. below the pan, there is a silver bowl, oil would start flowing into that bowl once the meat starts cooking. The kimchi and bean spout stops the oil from flowing down too quickly.

When you are done with your meat then only you start eating the kimchi and bean sprout but it's already super oily la, who dares to eat. lololol

Oh btw, the black pork isn't "de-haired" properly, lolol.. I could still see black hair sticking out from the skin. hehehe

Meal satisfaction: 6/10 =.="

Along our way to the hotel, i came across tons of wild flowers growing just by the roadside. Daisies! It's so hard to find them in Malaysia but in Jeju, it's basically everyday.

Forgot to mention that the weather was fantastic. ranging between 22 - 25 degrees and at night, it went down to about 18 degrees.

The guesthouse that we were staying at is located at Jeju-si and apps 1 hour away from town. Honestly, i did not expected Jeju to be this huge man! I thought it was the size of Singapore. No regrets on renting a car cause if you don't, you will not get anything done or you won't be able to visit places far from your hotel.

This place that we stayed at is called Jeju Art House! It's amazing, the host were excellent. She dropped me an email through Expedia *yes, i rented it through Expedia again.. major love for Expedia cause of its cheap prices but the person i worked with previously for a campaign is horrendous, not even gonna hide it i'm sorry!*. The host actually dropped by our room on the first day to ask us if we are comfortable. Felt super touched la!

Pictures taken off from Expedia!

At first, i felt a little sad for not doing proper research before booking the place cause it was rather far from town or other tourist attractions but my stay ended with great satisfaction la cause that area is really quiet and nice!

Most of all, it's super clean and cosy. We on the floor heater whenever we stay in, making it super cosy to just lie on the floor and we actually use the floor to dry our wet clothing and shoes. lol

This place is amazing! I would definitely recommend it to my friends and I will not doubt renting it again if I do go back to Jeju.

It can actually cater two more people, just bring a sleeping bag and we assured a good night rest! :)

Ending it here!

Next post should be about out dinner and Day 6 in Korea ( Day 2 in Jeju).

Signing off,
Samantha Tew

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