A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Day 5 & 6 at Jeju #SamInJeju (Ttang Ttang Chicken + Hiking Hallasan)

Before we ended our 1st night in Jeju, we drove all the way to town from Gujwa, Jeju-si (where Jeju Art House is located) to Yeon Dong for dinner!

Yeon Dong has everything and anything! Food, shopping, cosmetics etc.. It's like Jeju version of Myeongdong.

Before we head to dinner, our main purposes was actually to stop by Lotte Mart to purchase the chips and other necessities to hold us for the next 2 days. After lotte mart, i told Eric, "eh, we have not had fried chicken and beer in Korea le". Without hesitating, drew up on phone and google search the nearest fried chicken store in Jeju and TTang TTang Chicken came up as the top search and it was very near to Lotte mart.

We park illegally by the side of the road cause there were many cars parked by the side of the road as well.

Eric went a little crazy with our order, over ordered as usual when we visit a new restaurant.

Total of 10 - 12 pieces in the basket and sides of sausages cause Eric wanted to have sausages! 

What's Korean fried chicken without beer. Quite in love with beer these days!

I used to hate beer back then cause it make me gassy/bloated and fat but a chill int of good beer is the way to go these days after working out. lol

Eric thinks i'm an alcoholic, i hmmmm knot deny! LOL. K la, not so bad kay, I would only drink if there is, if it's not within sight, I would not purposely buy a can just to tame my cravings kay, not till the extend. lol

Cola for Eric and beer for me! :D

Yeondong is a very nice place to be at for youngsters. Tons of them just hanging around at night. Our 1st night ended early cause we were super exhausted just trying to get the car rental and guesthouse sorted. Went back early to catch an early night before our great adventure the next day.

Day 2 at Jeju started off as early as 5.30AM.

Sky was gloomy as fuck but we decided to go ahead with our hike up Hallasan! Journey from Jeju Art House to Seongpanak trail took us about 1 and half hours and that was actually the nearest trail to our guesthouse. Arrived at 7AM and rain was pretty heavy la but we decided to still go ahead with it!

Hallasan is the tallest mountain in Jeju and the only way to arrive at the submit is by Seongpanak (4 hours++) or Gwaneumsa Trail (5 hours). Gwaneumsa is rated as the toughest trail out of the 5 other trail. The remaining 3 trail will not lead you to the summit between but the views are fantastic I heard. If I do ever go back to Jeju, I will probably hike the trail which gives us the best view. :)

Total journey is 19.2KM, 9.6KM one way (4 and half hours).

The first rest stop, it was still raining! :)

This trail had nothing much to offer, it was pretty enclosed with trees...not tough tbh! It was very very manageable.

Had to forced myself to take out my phone to capture picture or else there will be no indication that we were there at all. HAHAHA

At one point, I just couldn't be bothered with wearing the hoodie. Got my hair all wet and messy!

After hiking close to 3 hours, we arrived at our 2nd rest stop!

We were left with another 2.4KM to the summit but IT WAS FREAKING CLOSED due to bad weather! I was super duper upset! So so so upset! there were many people who waited at the rest area, trying out damn luck, just in case the route opens up! Sigh! So super disappointed.

I kept telling Eric that I need to come back again and the next time, I would want to hike the tougher trail!

Weather was freaking cold and to top it off, it was raining!

15.7 degrees and I only had a thin layer of wind breaker. Those that doesn't shield you from cold. =(

There is a store at the 2nd rest stop selling hot bowl of ramen and other snacks. Kept telling Eric to help me purchase a bowl but he did not man up and do what he was supposed to do! ishk~

Hike down was easy peasy lemon squeezy but we were actually super exhausted edy la, just wanted it to end quickly. Took about 2 hours to descend if i'm not mistaken!

We were up 1500M above sea level, but i only remember to take this when we descend. LOL

Came across grim reaper on the way down! Defeated him easily. LOLOLOLOL

Journey ended with us rushing to the toilet cause the toilet at the rest stop were super scary, it was dark and they had music playing inside! Held my pee all the way down.

Left for guesthouse after that, took a nap before heading out for Nanta show!

Much needed nap after exerting so much. Could barely get out of bed even after our close to 2 hours nap.

Nanta show is the the longest running sketch in Korea and it's freaking hilarious!

We had so much fun watching this tbh! Managed to get a 40% discount on our ticket, thanks to KTO again. :)

Have not seen Eric laughed so much during a show before.

I'm usually the one laughing but he did quite a bit of laughing during the performance!

Every action done during the show is as real as it can get! From chopping the vege to cooking up a meal! Everything was real.

We enjoyed it thoroughly. Do check it out if you are in Korea.

This statue can be found in Jeju in many many tourist attraction. There is a believe that if a women touch the head of the statue, she is bound to get pregnant! So, ladies if you looking to conceive, head over to Jeju la!

Night ended right after we finish this show. Head back to Jeju Art House to call it a night!

Though it was a little disappointing cause we did not managed to hike all the way up but at least we managed to slot in a great workout! :)

Signing off,
Samantha Tew

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