A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Monday, 27 June 2016

Day 4 in Seoul (Gwangjang Market + CheonGyeCheon Stream)

Hi, i'm back for my 4th day in Seoul, Korea.

Today's itinerary was supposed to be super relaxing, it's more of a exploration kinda day. All i knew was I wanted to drop by Ewha University and also Hongdae area to check out what the area could offer but all plans turned sour because i fell sick. 

That morning, I woke up feeling super great, like my usual routine i drank a bottle of strawberry milk. Left the guesthouse for GwangJang market, the place where you will be able to find all kind of local Korean food. It's a place no tourist should missed out on.

We arrived at GwangJang market by taking the subway to Jongno (5) ga and exiting at exit 11. GwangJang market is directly on the left side, that's not the main entrance. If you are there rather early, many stores aint open yet, so we thought we were at the wrong place.

As we walk deeper into the market, we saw more and more food. It became a lil hot as well cause there were so many stalls with a big wok of oil, frying, grilling away.

The smell of the oil was the one that triggered my nauseousness, i felt super uneasy man, it's definitely the strawberry milk i had in the morning, think it was spoilt.

Walked out thinking that i could puke but end up nothing came out, so i walked in again. When i smell the strong stench of oil, i quickly ran out, could not even ran out on time, i puked at the side of one of the store. Fucking guilty but i could not hold it in anymore.. =(

I was only a few more steps out of the market but too bad, pink puke started pouring. Thank god, the stores along that role wasn't open yet, so no one was there to witness such disgusting act. =(

Walked across the road to take a breather. After about 30 mins, i told Eric, since we are here. I'm gonna eat, i can't be bothered and i know Eric is also feeling hungry edy.

There were so many selections and all the ahjummas kept telling us, sit down sit down, you can order anything you want.

We settled for a random stall.

Sat down and this aunty kept speaking in mandarin and i cannotttttt understand her mandarin at all. I saw fishcake, so i pointed for 2 and then for kimbap, i said 2 will do but i was quite sure she cut 4 rolls =.=, that was basically all i was gonna have and then this ahjumma kept saying that all tourist come here sure will try one and it's very nice, she kept bugging and bugging and bugging and i ended up saying okay, give us one.

Turned out it was the live octopus, I looked at Eric, Eric looked at me. LOL. I wasn't planning to have them in the first place but since I have agreed to it edy, just gonna give it a try.

It's the best raw stuff that I have ever tasted, i love it more than sashimi or raw tuna. Oh gosh, this is so so so good! Every bite was heaven. *exaggerating edy*, but it's seriously damn good la! I will totally have it again. I was searching high and low in Jeju but did not come across. =(

I want to have this again!!!!!

Once meal were done, there is a signboard in the middle of the market that shows the way to CheongGyeCheon stream. Since we did not managed to to visit the stream on the 1st day, we shall do it today.

There were actually lotsa local people just hanging and chilling by the side of the stream.

At this point, i was feeling a bit sick again. HAHAH. Told Eric, we should just head back to the hotel cause i'm not feeling well again.

Train ride back to MyeongDong was quite torturing cause i felt like vomitting but I couldn't. Walked back to the guesthouse while Eric drop by a hypermarket to purchase Pocari Sweat for me.

I was trying to take a nap but my body was feeling very warm, lied down for an entire 2 hours while Eric watched TV. I knew i was down with a fever but Eric kept insisting no, not fever!

Told him, i know my body better than him and forced him out to buy Panadol for me.

He came back only after 30 mins, asked him why he took so long. He said he couldn't purchase it at a convenient store, had to find a pharmacy, there are mini pharmacy around, so don't worry about it if you fall sick.

The pharmacist ask him if it paracetamol that I need, he said he don't know what's paracetamol. =.="
HAHAHA, don't know want to cry or laugh. So pharmacist asked, if its for fever, then he said yes.

Lived for 24 years but don't know what is paracetamol meh?

After 1 hour of taking the med, I was feeling all good again. By then it was already closed to 6PM. Freaking wasted 5 hours just lying in bed on our last day in Seoul. Urgh~

Left MyeongDong for DongDaeMun again to take a look at the DDPlaza. Beautiful architecture, but i did not snap much.

Met JoongKi oppa along the way.

Randomly pop into a super super small store at Dongdaemun cause the prices were cheap for their main meal, we thought why not just give it a try since i haven had a taste of their Dwenjang and Bulgogi soup, I even ordered the seaweed soup and bill came up to about W15,000. Super cheap for such a filing meal, can only be found outside of MyeongDong.

GwangSoo Oppa~ too short to have his hands around me! *sulk*

That was the end of Day 4! Falling ill during a holiday is the worst thing that can ever happen!

Next day, we be flying off to Jeju, stay tune for more.

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