A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Day 3 at ChunCheon (Guide to Nami Island & Petite France)

Hello world, it's a public holiday today. I woke up at about 11AM, had a late night the day before. Watched Independence day courtesy of Nuffnang Malaysia. #IndependenceDay #NNPremiereScreening. Nothing to scream about though, just another action cum CGI-filled movie. hahah

Anyway, gonna continue with my 3rd day in Korea.

3rd day was dedicated to Nami Island and Petite France, i mean how can someone miss out on visiting Nami Island because the Korean craze started from Winter Sonata, 13 years back if i'm not wrong. That was one of the shooting location for the hit drama starring Bae Young Jun and Choi Ji Woo.

Okay, before i get to more pictures. How did we get here?

We took a 1 and half hour train ride to Gapyeong station to ChunCheon, we figured out that taking the KTX was a cheaper option than taking a bus.

But, I made a mistake of not checking things properly. We could have taken the ITX from Yongsan station in Seoul which cost a bit more but it's a slightly faster alternative and there would be seats for you la.

I had to stand the entire way back from ChunCheon to MyeongDong. It was horrible after an entire day of walking. All i wanted was to sit down. =(((

Anyway, we arrived at Chuncheon at around 10AM+, the bus station was just right in front of us. Don't have to cross the road. Hop on the Gapyeong tour bus which brings you around Chuncheon.

The bus fare was priced at W6,000 but we boarded it for free cause i managed to get the free ticket from Korea Tourism in Malaysia, told you the visit to KTO Malaysia was worthwhile. Once the ticket been purchased, you can basically board the bus anytime from anywhere as long as its within the Gapyeong Tour Bus route and remember to present your ticket everytime you board the bus.

1st stop for us was Nami Seom (Nami Island).

Two ways to get to Nami Island. 1st option is to zipline your way in, priced at W38,000. Eric wanted to get on it but i told him, expensive wor. Two person W72,000 = RM252. HMMMMM... 

So, we took the Ferry. hahaha Cost only W12,000 for two person and it covers entrance ticket as well. The ride was only 5 mins long, just to cross the river basically.

Finally here. I did not imagine this place to be that huge, we did not even walk till the very end and Eric was starting to get a little hungry so i told him, alright until i find the statue of Bae Yong Jun and Choi Ji Woo then we would leave. :)

There were lotsa locals just hanging around and picnic-ing, that made me wonder, suicidal rate in Korea is pretty high right? But people here are so carefree wor, they are always hanging out with families or friends at parks etc. hmmmm...

Told him to sit down so i can take a proper pic but he refused! Worried that his pants might get dirty, wtf =.="

I sat on it with my white dress lor.

Lunch time.

Dakgalbi is originated from ChunCheon, so its definitely a must to give it a try la.

This place is situated just right opposite of the Ferry Terminal. There were so many restaurant serving Dakgalbi actually but we just randomly pop into this shop call Kho Kho Island Dakgalbi.

Were looking for cheese dakgalbi but they don't have them in this shop.

Per serving W11,000, minimum order is 2 servings and it's a lot, at least 3 people for this amount.

Nothing very fancy and it's quite spicy.

My fav chef~

Typing this at 11.50PM is making me very hungry..

After our wholesome meal (rice cake, chicken and cabbage) off we went to Petite France.

To hop on the Gapyeong bus, cross the road from where you 1st descend. It might be a little confusing so i recommend you to ask before you take a seat in the bus. 

Ride to Petite France is about 20 - 30 mins, i was seriously on the verge of dozing off edy, something about air cond and moving vehicle makes me want to sleeps. 

Entrance ticket cost W8,000 per person but i have 25% coupon to use again. Saved money again. OMG, why am i so good at this? #ProudAsFuck lolololol

Eric should thank me for doing all this savings for him but he don't appreciate one la. =.=" Never say thank you to me also.

Anyway, I wanted to drop by this place because it's the filming location for 2 of my favourite Korean Drama. "You who came from the Star" and "Secret Garden", I have watched Secret Garden three time already. It's a matter of time before i re-watch "You who came from the star". Not forgetting, running man was here for one of their episodes as well.

When i first stepped in, this place felt oddly familiar, maybe because I've seen it on TV.

There are actually many rooms to visit and one of it has this strange looking doll.

The Annabelle and Chuck's fear in me was brought to life.

Who would actually place such scary looking dolls in their house. They must be mad!

Their clothing are pretty but the eyes are scary!

Oh, i forgot to mention Beethoven Virus was shot here as well! <3

Fully bloomed!

My hair is always so messy! =.=

Found this on my way down, Eric told me don't blow le. Later goes into your nose and eyes how? I think he doesn't know how dandelion works. LOLOL

Went against his will anyway, how often to you get to pick up such a beautiful dandelion? Never!

Saw wild flowers just growing everywhere. Told Eric, I need a pic.

If only my chin were sharper. *need fillers hint hint*

Ended our tour jus then cause the bus was about to arrive. It comes by every hour, so if we miss this one, we might have to wait again.

On our way out, there were a performance at the amphitheatre but we didn't stop to catch it.

Initially, after Petite France I wanted to drop by "The Garden of Morning Calm" to look at flowers. It's after all spring and I would say the flowers would look darn beautiful but time does not permit us to make another stop so off we head to CheonPyeong Station. The ride from Petite France to Garden of Morning Calm would take appx an hour that's why we couldn't continue.

Goodbye ChunCheon, till next time. You have been nothing short but amazing!

Headed back to Seoul station, which took us another 1 and half hour, stood all the way. My suffering legs~~

Stopped at Seoul station cause we wanted to visit the Lotte Mart. woohoo~

Lotte mart is only situated at Seoul station and it's where people stock up on their instant noodles and snacks before heading home. Bought quite a lot of stuff but no pics were taken. Sorreh~

After purchasing the necessary, head back to Myeongdong to drop off our purchase before hunting for street food.

Ate Soondae (pig blood sausage) for the 1st time! It's quite pricey le and it tasted HORRENDOUS! so so horrible that I had to make myself swallow them because it's expensive. HAHAHAH

Never will i ever touch a Soondae again, why Jaesook and the others tricked me in Running Man?!?!

Anyway, we bought this soft sell crab thingy to fill our tummy! Nothing fancy as well, tasted better when it's serve in sushi. HAHAH

and that basically sums up Day 3!

Ending it with a VLOG again.

Day 4 would be a little more relaxing but it turns out to be a very bad day. Stay tune!

Samantha Tew

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