A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Day 1 in Seoul, Korea (Tosokchon & GyeongBokGung)

Hello there people!

It's been almost 2 months of none-existent. lol

I have been very very busy with the new role at work and also i been dreading on updating la

But, I told myself, I shouldn't do this cause I need to pin down whatever that i still remember so in time to come, i be able to look back and say "hey i did this ar?".

Korea (Seoul + Jeju) trip happened exactly a month ago, gonna bring you through what I did yea. Details might be a little vague cause I don't really have much time to do a proper jotting.

Day 1

Arrived at Seoul at around 8+AM, decided to take the AREX to Seoul station. AREX tickets cost us KRW6,900, managed to get a discount of W1,100 and a free bottle. It's a faster route to Seoul Station compare to taking the KTX. AREX took us about 43 mins while KTX would take up to 1 hours 15 mins if i'm not wrong.

Eric couldn't sleep the entire journey from KL to Seoul but we have a long day planned out, he wanted to catch a quick nap at the hotel but i say cannot la, or not we will basically waste the entire day la.

1st thing 1st when arriving at Seoul station is to top up our T-Money card, i managed to get the card for free and other discount vouchers (including the AREX vouchers) from Korea Tourism Malaysia at Menara Hap Seng, it's so blardy worth it i tell you. We saved so much cause of the discount booklet. Check out their official webpage here.

The T-Money card that i got for free is valued at W2,500 but i managed it for free and on top of that, there is a credit of W1,000 - 2,000 in it.

Look out for these machines if you are planning to top up your T-Money card.

I actually manually calculated the amount that i would need to top up for 4 days. Download the app "Korea Subway" and the Subway map and prices can be extracted from the app. Told Eric, we need W30,000 = RM100+- for 4 days. True enough we were left with less than W5,000 on the last day. Did not bother to look for the refund counter cause we are quite sure, we will be back again.

The guesthouse that I booked from Expedia was situated at Myeongdong, it's this guesthouse call K-Guesthouse Myeongdong 3.

There is a few K-Guesthouse Myeongdong and it is all categorised by numbers. I choose number 3 because it was basically the nearest to the Myeongdong Subway station exit 7.

The room was so small, we had a little trouble placing our luggage wide open. Toilet was also very small but i guess this is what you get if you are paying less than RM200 per night. No complains.. Thank god, Eric didn't kao pe kao bu this time round. Cause the last trip to Hong Kong, the room was about the same size as the Myeongdong's room, he got so mad. LOLOL.. #RichBoyCannotDoBudget

Dropped out bag, got changed into more comfortable cloths and off we went to Tosokchon. Had a little trouble finding out way to Tosokchon. We just walk aimlessly without a proper GPS or map to guide us. All i had was my itinerary and the exit I was supposed to take. lol

We immediately knew we found the place when we saw the crazy queue, I was actually expecting to wait at least 45 mins to get into the restaurant but surprisingly after 15 mins, we are already seated inside.

There is a convenient store just round the corner, decided to hop in to get the crazily raved banana milk, ummm.. tasted very normal? lol

Bought the banana and strawberry for trying, liked the strawberry one better. hehe

Sharing a short Vlog towards the end of this post of this place and GyeongBokGung. Sorry, my work are a little lazy, it's mostly for memories sake. LOL not doing this competitively

Tip #1: I was wondering for a few days why a lot of ahjumma and ahjussi kept staring at me why I was taking the subway. I then found out that, Korean girls don't wear spaghetti top, even if they do, there is a piece which covers that shoulders beneath. LOL

Ahjussi and Ahjumma, I'm not Hanguk Saram (Korean) le! Didn't know you had such cultures cause those girls in Korean band wear so short and revealing lor!

A two page menu, choose between Ginseng or normal Samgyetang, there is two choices of chicken. Black or White.

We ordered both. LOL

Free refill of kimchi, self service and a shot of Ginseng Soju. Fucking strong! lol

Okay, here comes the verdict, if I were to rate this meal, I would only give it a 7/10. It's more of a comfort food, the seasoning isn't strong enough and both me and Eric aren't fan of glutinous rice even though i already know it's stuffed with it. Thought the soup would be the bomb but nah~ nothing fancy. LOL

After finishing out meal, we decided to head to GyeongBokGung, cause it's basically just around the corner.

Entered through the GwangHwaMun entrance instead of the main GyeongBokGung entrance and we were just in time for the changing of guard ceremony. The ceremony takes place every hour until a certain hour.

The ceremony can be seen in the Vlog below.

The entrance is directly facing the main road. Such a beautiful and clean sight!

1st proper selfie attempt!

The structure is amazing! So detailed!

  Right after the guard changing ceremony ended, we bought our ticket and head in.

W3,000 per visitor.

Tell you, this chao Eric ar, the pics he takes for me sure got distractions in the pic one. Look below and you will know what i meant!

What on earth is the pair doing behind? =.="

Look at my shots, so beautiful lor!

Supposed to be a huge drain but no sign of water at all. LOL


Many fail attempts at jump shot before we finally got the right one! :)

Saw my seat? LOLOL

King's throne and small tables below are probably for his officers. 

This building built in the middle of a pond is so beautiful but it isn't open for visitors. =(

To end this post:

Next post, coming up soon.

All about Namsan Tower and Budae Jiggae + Day 2 Everland.

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