A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Day 1 in Seoul, Korea (Namsan Tower + Budae Jiggae) & Day 2 EVERLAND

Continuing from my previous post.

We left for our guesthouse after visiting GyeongBukGung, initially i wanted to make my way to CheongGyeCheon river after the palace but was already exhausted and feeling very sticky.

Head back to Myeongdong to official check in and then took a quick shower before heading out again.

Namsan Tower was actually just right around the corner from our guesthouse.

Basically exit from Myeongdong Subway Exit 3 or 4 and the tower would be visible, walk towards the tower direction. Sorry, information so vague. lol

We decided to hike up Namsan tower instead of taking the cable car. Saved W12,000 le.. weee.

I didn't know the hike up was a little tough, so we were actually sweating when we reached the top.

My Note 5 takes amazing pictures! :) My best buy!

I actually forgotten all about the lock until we reached the top, was supposed to prepare one from home but it completely slipped of my mind.

Were checking if we should purchase them on the spot. Told Eric, not worth it la W7,000 for small locks. We don't need these locks to prove our love la hor?!

Love you bi! <3

Requested for help to capture this pic.

Saw many local Korean couple walking around with a tripod that holds phones. Need to look for them edy. It was selling at Myeongdong but priced at RM50. No need, i am sure i can buy them from TaoBao! :P #Cheapskate

Hiked down, was a rather quick one down.

Had churros with Ice cream before we head down. #Expensive

W6,500 - RM20+ but it tasted damnnnnnnnnnn X10000 good! Please try it if you are there, it's just right beside the souvenir store.

Love this secretly taken pic of Eric. Didn't even bother waiting for me, just descend nie!

Ummm, asked Eric "how come we never take this kind of pic one?"

So, we took one on the spot. LOL

Walked back to Myeongdong area after Namsan Tower. Decided to have dinner around that area.. everything in Myeongdong is generally more pricy la compare to other district.

Randomly walked into a restaurant which serves Budae Jiggae.

Oh, forgot to mention, we had fish cake and Hotteok before our main meal! Best fish cake and Hotteok evaaaaaaa!! Situated right in front of Myeongdong Gyoza. :)

Oh lookieee look, Budae Jiggae. Order a bottle of tangerine soju for sharing as well.

Wah, 2 person drink not nice la, need gang one when I drink. Eric doesn't really enjoy alcohol!

Day 1 ended right after we finish our dinner cause we need to recuperate for Day 2 EVERLAND! :)

Day 2

Started our day rather late, woke up at 8+ and only arrived at Overland by KTX at around 11AM. Huge crowd was visible already but we were too tired to wake up early due to our pack schedule on day 1, accompanied by our lack of sleep.

Eric basically dozed off the moment he hit the bed. LOL

Hello 30% discount! From W52,000 to W36,000. Saved RM112 for 2 person basically!

Such a steal!

Good hair day + beautiful flowers!

The entire place is filled with fresh flowers, i could barely contain my happiness la!

Seeing all these beautiful, well bloomed flowers makes me so damn happy!

Here comes the reason why I decided that Everland was a must:

No, not the slurpee. LOL. The ride just right behind my slurpee~

The T-express ride, deem is the steepest ride in Asia!

It was so fucking good! So scary that I had to close my damn eyes and err i regretted it max! and Eric didn't wanna go for a 2nd round. Don't care man, next time I am gonna go with my friends again!

We waited for basically 110 mins for this ride! 2 hours of waiting. wtf!

Look at the daisies! I cryyyyyy~

My current lock screen btw.

Took all these flowers pic cause i know my mum sure love it one!

Rose gardeeennnn!

Here are rides that we actually went on, there were a few superb extreme rides. Those i know the moment i go on it, I will have a very a bad headache. Eric has serious motion sickness also, so we decided to skip some of the crazy spins!

Mini dots! Weather was crazy hot and a little ice cream to calm our temperature.

Before we left, i asked Eric to go on T-express one more time but he refused! =(

So, we left for Seoul at around 6.30PM

Headed to Bapo Rainbow Bridge first, stopped at the Express Bus Terminal station. We walked to the wrong exit so we had a hard time finding for the Musical Bridge.

There were tons of locals just hanging and chilling around with food laid out and there were 90's songs blasted from a speaker. It was really very calming to just sit and look at the water spraying.

After sitting for about 15 mins, we decided to head back to Myeongdong cause it was rather late already and we still have not had our dinner.

Very expensive dinner at this place in Myeongdong.

Why was it expensive?
1. Situated in Myeongdong
2. We ordered premium beef that cost RM100++ per portion. LOL

Bill came up to about W81,000 x 3.5 = RM283

Pengsan aku but it was worth it la cause the beef is the best beef that I have ever had! So good I almost wanted to order a 2nd portion! LOL

Will i recommend this place. A definite YES! cause the beef was so so so so so good!

Ending it with a Vlog

That's all for Day 2.

Next up, Nami Island & Petite France at ChunCheon

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