A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Pop pop popcorn~

Over the weekend I had the privilege to watch BATMAN V SUPERMAN courtesy of Perfecto Popcorn, Fox Movies and Nuffnang! Yahoo!!

I tried the Perfecto Popcorn last year when it was newly launched, Vanilla was my favourite out of the 2 other choices.

Met up with a few friends to have dinner before enjoying our perfect movie date! hehe

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much from the movie due to the many bad reviews that I have heard, some said it was horrible, some said it was rather good. Doesn’t matter, reviews will not stop me from experiencing it myself.

It was rather dry at the beginning but things started to pick up when Lex Luthor unveiled his intention of recovering Zod’s DNA to destroy supernatural being a.k.a superman la! Like the fact that what reconcile the two superheroes were the names of their mother, Martha. <3 #LoveYouMummy

Everyone knows that popcorn is usually associated with movie, it’s a somewhat necessary when you enter a cinema. My movie experience was made better with Perfecto popcorn I got to munch on during the entire 2 hours plus movie.

It was sweet and crunchy, unlike other popcorn, Perfecto’s one was fully coated on every single piece you pick up.

I hate it when in a huge tub of popcorn, I have to pick and choose those that are coated with caramel. =.=” It’s so distracting but with Perfecto, those are definitely not a concern at all.

So generous!!! This was found in the goodybag! I usually don’t bother much with flat lays but Perfecto deserves a thumb up for providing us with so much snacks! :)

Anyway, wanted to ask out of the 3 flavours: The French Vanilla, Ultimate Caramel and Chocolate In Love, which are your favourite?

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