A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Monday, 11 April 2016

Mersisters Gathering #TheMermaidMission

Have a little spare time now, might as well update my long abandoned blog. lolol

I have been rather free over the past one weeks, not supposed to say this so publicly cause i am supposed to at least pretend to be busy at work but but buttttttt, i can't. I haven had much work to do except to clear of remaining handovers which are almost done with actually.

So, i have lotsa spare time just hanging around and ponder about life. hahahah wtf

Anyway, i received a text from Dolphin stating that he would be hosting a Mermaid gathering soon and that includes putting our tails on together, having our make up done together, submerging into the water together and most of all have a splashing time together!

10th April was the day I was looking forward too cause it's been so long since i last hid my legs beneath those beautiful tails.

Last sight of tail was precisely 4 months ago during the KL Aquaria school holiday show.

Pictures are taken with the Olympus underwater camera, no filters yo. The outcome of the pictures are just stunning!

Water wasn't particularly clear on that day but this is a great shot taken by Agnes thought the hair looks like Simba's hair. HAHAH WTF!

10 of us for today, missing at least another 6 more! Our team are slowly expanding from time to time and we are all super glad to be in this together! :)

There we go, the 10KG silicone tail that is very very difficult to put on. Look at the amount of help i need! =.=" It's like I can't put on my own cloths. lolol

This 10KG silicone tail is one of the most beautiful creafted tail that #TheMermaidMission owns, though movements are restricted but pictures outcomes are fantastic.

Excuse the huge arms! Can't really do anything about it anymore! =((

Look at my group of Mersisters having a splash! HAHAHAH

Being a mermaid is one of the best thing that has ever happened in my life! Never once have i felt dreadful or tired putting on a those beautiful tails!

To many more years of being a part time Mermaid. HAHAH

Thank you Dolphin Lee for this once again!

*waving our goodbyes with our tails* wtf lolol

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