A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Monday, 25 April 2016

Funny Things We Say #02

On a bright sunny Sunday evening, i received a call from Eric, I answered it half awake. Before that, just to clear things up, the night before i arrived home at 4AM after a good o karaoke session with my high school mates and the gung-ho me woke up at 7.15AM for Skytrek. *willing to go to the end of the world for a good workout*. I got home at around 1+PM after brunch and etc.
First thing to do is to catch up on my overdue sleep cause the night before only less than 3 hours of sleep.

Couldn't really sleep actually, I felt like I was awake the entire 2 hours 40 mins turning and tossing before i received the phone call. Physically very tired but body just wouldn't knock out. So, i answered the call halfheartedly la thinking he sure call to ask me the common; what you doing etc.

But no, he said he is fetching his mum home to Sungai Buloh there and wants me to drive down for a stay over and I can go to work from his place the next day. I resisted la cause damn tired, takkan some more wanna drive from Klang to Sg Buloh. =.=" He kept forcing it on me la, so i suggested why don't you drop you mum home then you drive to Klang and have dinner with my family and stay at my house and it's been so long since he had dinner with my family also. He doesn't want and I don't want to go down also so the phone call ended with anger. HAHAHAH

Over dinner, a close aunty and uncle was also saying, "so long haven seen Eric edy, since Chinese New Year, he so busy with work ar?". Texted him to tell him but he never reply me.. KNN kiam pak le! lololol

So, i never bothered texting him edy. HAHAHAH 


Eric: Why you dont find me when I'm angry at you?
Sam: Coz I also angry at you! See who win lo and i won edy cause you find me earlier than i find you! LOSER!

Eric: You lose

Sam: Wtf hahahahahahahahaha I gonna blog about this sore loser.

Eric: No, I;m the good boy, you are always the bad one. You'r evil!

Sam: Yea... got devil possess me de... scared or not?! lololol

Eric: Bye


Ain't our relationship interesting? HAHAHA

I dont know what to do with this MANBABY sometimes.

He's very funny one i tell you, whenever I call him and his dad is around, he talk damn macho one and doesn't say much but when his dad ain't around, he talks like a baby. 

Signing off,
Samantha Tew

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