A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Places to go in Bandung (Situ Patenggang, Kawah Putih)

I have been rather lazy when it comes to jotting things down on my blog, my last proper blog entry was on 1st of March, almost half a month away.

I am still left with quite a lot to jot down from my Bandung trip but I am gonna do an ultra express 1 cause I have been so busy doing research for my next trip and in BTW juggling with work too. Also not forgetting, guilty of catching up tons of Korea drama la that's why I never blog. Hahahah

On the 2nd day, we we're supposed to visit a natural hot spring before dropping by Kawah Putih but due to the bad weather, we had to make a pit stop at Situ Patenggang to just chill and wait for the rain to subside. Cancelled visiting the hotspring altogether. Sigh.

Only stayed in the mini hut, didn't get to explore much.


My poser sis!

Situ Patenggang was amazing eventho it was still raining heavily, we just sat in a small hut and chill. Just nice, there is an aunty frying tahu semedang and pisang goreng in that tiny hut, so without hesitation, we ordered la. Tasted heavenly when the weather is breezy and chilly. We also bought strawberries and blackberries to munch on, each cost RM15.  A lot of locals apparently goes to Situ Patenggang to have picnics on weekends, this place overlook a huge lake.

Chilled for almost an hour, rain did subside a little but not completely, so we departed to Kawah Putih. It's a volcanic crate and the sulphure smell is darn strong. As usual the view is amazing with mist surrounding the area. It's just mad beautiful and insta worthy.

Act cute parents!

Pregnant me! *bag hidden under my jacket*

 Act hipster mum!

Awkward posing sis! 

Model wannabe sis!

Couldn't stay for long tho cause the smell of the sulphure is so strong, it makes breathing difficult.

On our way downtown, we came across lands after lands of paddi. Just had to stop to capture a few beautiful shots. It was still raining then but girls gotta do what girls do best! Hahaha

Next stop, lunch at this place call Belacan along Jalan Riau! Meal was fantastic! Place was very clean as well. hurray!

Quite a big feast, the food were amazing! Do drop by if you are in Bandung! Not a place to miss!

Just right around the corner, Secret factory outlet is situated. Since we were rather free for the day edy, it was shopping time.

My loot! Rejected branded items! So darn cheap seriously!

We walked along the street of Jalan Riau cause there were a few more factory outlet along the way.

On out way back to the car, found this small stall that sells Murtabak! They have the sweet and savoury one. We ordered both sweet.

Just so happen, a man ordered the savoury one, gosh the amount of oil used to fry that thing is madness!

The corn one was good, but it was a little too sweet for my liking!

Oily af but smell so good!

[Edited] Refer here for Part 3.

Signing off,
Samantha Tew

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