A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Moving Forward

Been facing quite a dilemma the past week due to work!

I will be very frank pinning this down, I actually threw my resignation letter about a week ago after securing another job.. I have always thought that leaving would be the best option, little did I know, it kept me pondering so hard till the point whereby my heart felt burdened and I was a bit upset that I would be leaving my current job which i clearly love.

There are 2 reasons why I was planning to leave:
1. Money
I wanted to earn more than I am earning at the moment.

2. Experience
I want to experience/gain knowledge/insights on other things in the digital ad world.

I managed to secure a new job with a slightly better pay and a whole new things to learn but I was clearly unhappy.

Something triggered my thoughts on, what if i stayed but move on to another department, to be precise the servicing department. Since i have already have an insight on how the company worked and I understand our products well, why not try closing deal for the company, getting talents engagements that they might like to work on.

Was overjoy with the new found idea but I was afraid. Afraid of failure, afraid of not being able to meet the targets that has been set.. lotsa hesitation so I sat down and spoke to a few prominent figure in the company. 

Our CM was the one who gave me closure to my hesitation, he said "never try, never know", which is true.. why am I worrying so much when it hasn't even happened yet.

After much motivation and consultation, I have decided to whole heartedly pursue being a Nomster, I want to know how far I can get.

First step taken is to run a handover on all my current duties to the next person in line/who will be taking over my work.

Secondly, clean up Eric's room cause I will be shifting there temporary on weekdays. It's nearer to our KL office. *I have always thought of escaping working in KL, but i guess i would be staying for now*

I have thought about it hard, once I am more settled in into this new position, I would be signing up for a proper gym situated just right opposite our office to ensure I get my workout checked as well.

That all for now, another step forward in my career! 

Signing off,

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