A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

A taste of Bandung (Day 1)

I finally found my inspiration to write again. It's been so long since I last produced an organic write up. =.=

I was seriously procrastinating on the Bandung write up cause I just didn't know how to start or where to start?

Still feeling the same but i guess it's time to pin them down because those memories are slowly slipping away.

We left for Bandung on the 2nd day of CNY, parents decided that we should go for a holiday this year instead of staying around doing nothing after the 1st day of CNY. CNY day 1 is always the crucial-iest *lol* day whereby we stop by grandma's, 2nd uncle, aunty, Datuk Ron's house and eventually ending the night at Uncle Mak's house. We usually stay till 2am/3am in the morning at uncle Mak's but this year we left at 11AM cause we had a 6AM plane to catch.

Our 1st option was actually Da Nang, Vietnam but the flight tickets were 1,000 extra for each passenger so we had to go ahead with option number 2, Bandung.

I was rather excited at first because many people had raved that there are tons of shopping to be done. Did lotsa research and preparation as usual, I'm always well equipped in terms of history and places to visit before i go to a country.

Journey took us about 2 hours 25 mins, and we were 15 mins earlier.

The 1st thought upon arrival was, wtf... this place looks damn run down, the airport doesn't even look like an airport, the luggage collection area does not have an automatic conveyer belt to carry your luggage, there were workers manually pulling the bags in. Dumbfounded maxxxx!

Putting those thoughts aside, shouldn't judge too quickly la.

Called our guide, whom we found on Carousel. lololol. Cost RM180 a day for an Avanza. To be honest, it's freaking cheap. would you work 8 or more hours for RM180? =(

People in Bandung are very very poor but they don't look unhappy at all, in fact they are very satisfied with life. Yet I complain day in day out. =(

Told him to drop us at our hotel first to place our luggage there, selected Favehotel Premiere along Jalan Cihampelas, apparently a happening place to be at. Always search up on the attractions/to-do around the hotel before i decide to reside in that area. Favehotel is only a 2 star hotel but we were rather satisfied cause it's clean and there were a swimming pool and gym to utilise too.

The Cihampelas mall is just right opposite our hotel and we were there for all 5 nights. LOL


First stop was supposed to be Tangkuban Perahu, it is a popular tourist attraction where tourists can hike or ride to the edge of the crater, to view the hot water springs and boiling mud up close.

On our way up, we actually stopped by a local Sundanese warung to have lunch. That place scares me bad. Lotsa flies around =.=" Looks a little too unhygienic but of course i swallowed everything la to not look like a rude person.

Major love the tauhu, tauhu Sumedang! It's just ordinary fried tauhu but it tasted damn good especially if it's freshly out from the wok. 

Arrived at Tangkuban Perahu, tried pretending to be the local from Padang but failed miserably cause the person asked us to wind down the window.

The entrance fee cost a fucking bomb, 1,000,000 million rupiah for a car to access. I was rather angry to be honest, it's a freaking tourist attraction, how can you be charging RM300 for tourist to access a place which we are bound to promote to our friends and family. 

Helmi (our guide) told us, this place recently was taken over by a none-government body so they marked up the price. wtf seriously~~

Don't bother going up cause with RM300, we could have visited all the other attractions. 

Left without entering of course.

Next stop is Wisata Maribaya waterfall.

Took this artistic shot with my Samsung Note 5 while the car was moving.

All pictures displayed are actually taken from Note 5.

Arrived at Wisata Maribaya for the Curug (Air Terjun/Waterfall) Maribaya, it's at least ONE KM walk down hill...

before we arrived at, this:

Bandung's version of Niagara Fall.

Rather far but so worth the walk! It's beautiful. I didn't managed to capture any pics on the bridge cause i was mad worried that I would accidentally drop my phone. WTF, if that really happens, my tears will swarm this entire world. *exaggerate much*

My dad is like a party pooper i tell you, come holiday of course you need to take tons of pictures for keeping right? He doesn't want to participate one lor. Sibeh loser sia! lolololol

Next and final stop of Day 1 is Dusun Bambu, a very very beautiful place but sadly it started raining. The flowers were blooming so beautifully but the moment we arrived, it started pouring.

No choice but to hang at Cafe Burangrang, a beautiful quaint cafe, it of course came with a price but nothing too pricey for a Malaysian or a Singaporean.

So beautiful yet we can't explore the surrounding due to bad weather. ='(

Love the concept of the cafe.

These small hut behind are actually for rental, people spend the weekend in Dusun Bambu with their family in those small hut.

I was actually looking forward to capture a few pic of the nest hut but no luck

Stole this off from google

Left feeling rather disappointed =(

Went back to the hotel after Dusun Bambu, so super exhausted. Have not slept for more than 24 hours.

Got back to the hotel, and straight left to Cihampelas Walk for dinner first.

Had Sundanese food for dinner again, we gotta explore the local cuisine first right?

The Sup Buntut (Oxtail soup) super flavourful. We finish the entire pot!

and dessert, ES Telur (have no idea why it is named ES Telur) but it's basically a combination of jackfruit, avocado, condense milk, young coconut flesh and ice. Freaking amazing! Not even lying!

Heol~ I want to have this bowl of goodness again.

While walking around the mall, we found this treasure

The pearls were made of HONEY! Chatime should totally come up with something like this.

Rather pricy, 22 rupiah - RM8 a cup but it was worth it, had this all 5 days. LOL

Ended my night with a little shopping at an opposite outlet.

It was drizzling the entire evening, no choice but to call it a night early!

Oh ya, before i forgot, you can't really find alcohol in Bandung, they do not sell them at their local mart of even malls. =.="
All we ever wanted was a cold bottle of beer, WHY SO HARD??!?!?!!?

Hunt high and low just to get a few bottle of beers which weren't chilled anymore by the time we wanted to drink cause there weren't any mini refrigerator in our hotel room.

Anyway, I will be back with the remaining 4 days in my upcoming post.

[Edited]: Refer here for Part 2.

Signing off,
Samantha Tew


  1. I am impressed with the passion you have for blogging even when you are already too busy handling us talents. Salute to you and do keep it up =D

    1. heheh.. thank you Tian Chad! it's to keep myself reminded that these things happened in my life before.. haha