A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Sharing My Chang With You! *wink*

HAHAH, what a title! Sharing Chang beer ya not my boyfriend Eric Chang, he is not for sharing. Lol

Not sure if I should mention this but I really love having a pint of beer every once in a while, it’s perfect during scorching hot weather, it helps to cool down the body and it’s seriously very refreshing! Given the choice of Chang beer and other carbonated drinks, hands down BEER yo!

It’s also perfect on a night out with friends, beers are conversation opener! 5.5% of alcohol is enough to kick start an amazing night, imagine having a group of friends staring at their phones on a night out? Might as well stay at home right!

The first time I tasted Chang beer was when I visited Phuket 2 years back! It tasted refreshingly different from the other beer that’s I have tried before. Less bitter and much more soothing to the throat.

A little history on Chang beer la:

Why isit named Chang beer?
Chang in Thai means elephant, and Elephant is apparently Thailand’s National animal! Rather significant right? I always thought the elephant was just there for visual sake. Lol

Chang beer is a premium beer in Thailand and it is also recognised globally for its sponsorship of Liverpool’s Everton football club.

Those who frequently visit Bangkok would recognise Chang beer to be bottled in golden brown right? But, they recently revamped the design of their bottle in my favourite tone of green, looking much more elegant isn’t it?

Know what am I thinking of having now?  A hot bowl of Tom Yam soup with my trusty Chang beer! Oh-The-Yums!

For your perfect beer!

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