A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Saturday, 6 February 2016

3 Things this CNY

Oh god, haven blogged since i posted up my GuangZhou trip. The irony of my job is, I force my bloggers to blog constantly and make sure that their stats are high but I never bother taking care of my personal page.

Have always thought of monetizing my blog but I don't think I can commit la, so fuck that! Just gonna update as and when I can and want!

Anyway, Chinese New Year is in A DAY TIME. Today would be the reunion day, while i sit at my dining table to churn out what I have wanted to pin down a few weeks ago. LOL never had the time you see~

Every Chinese New Year, it's the same old thing la! I be anticipating this this year:

1. Getting Married Soon

This one, no need CNY also I'v been getting questions like this. I might be ready to get married but my pocket/bank is not ready! You think money drop from sky ar? lolol

Can't be inviting my family and friends to a cheapskate wedding right? =.="

No need to ask aunty uncles, if i'm getting wedded, you be the first to find out cause it would be written all over Facebook! Unfortunately, that's how the world works now, no more call or texts! It's Facebook.

So, if you never receive a wedding invitation but you see wedding pics of mine, that means YOU AIN'T INVITED! kthxbye! *omg i so bitchy*

2. Bought house already

So, the other day I was seated down in McDonald and we were talking about house hunting etc to only realize that great houses now cost 800 thousand and above. So if you max out your loan, you still needa pay 2,000 a month. If i'm not earning 5,000 a month how to afford a house ar?

Graduate who has only worked for 2 years how to be getting paid 5,000? =.="

Even if you earn 5,000 a month, you are just living off your pay cheque, imagine if something happens to you for that month, how will you be paying off your loan?

3. Getting comments on how I look

The reason why i started getting 3 years back was because of the remark i received on my weight! fml...

I never stop exercising since then, but after i started exercising, I been getting bigger! So instead of fat now, I'm rather lean now. But, i still be getting the same old comment.

Nehmind! Can't be bother edy!

Anyway, this are the general one that I expected would take place. Don;t have must time to write more cause mum is asking us to wash the porch already.

K bye guys. Till then Happy Chinese New Year! :)

Signing off,
Samantha Tew

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