A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Thursday, 21 January 2016

I Love GuangZhou (Day 2 & 3)

Omg, such a fail and stupid title!

Started off Day 2 with breakfast on the 39th floor of Hotel Landmark Canton situated at HaiZhu Square. It's a 4 star hotel, rather decent tbh.

The view while we had breakfast.

Right after breakfast, we left for our ground tour.

1st stop - Scared Heart Cathedral

Cathedral of the Chinese Bishop which took 25 years to be built by the Emperor of France, the French Government and the Catholica Church. It is said to be the biggest cathedral in China and SEA. It looks a little like Notre Dame. lol

Look at the amazing structure.

It's my 2nd time in a Cathedral, in interior is amazing. I felt rather peaceful when i walked inside as it was so so quiet.

We spent about 25 mins just looking around before we hop on the bus to our

2nd location - Shamian Island

A famous tourist spot, surrounded by water, where there are more than 150 buildings in European style. Before the founding of new China, Shamian, Island was taken by the British and the French as their concession. 

Angie, why your leg so long! hahah

Jump shot at a beautiful garden!

There was a Starbuck Reserve right around the corner, a good o cup of hot mocha would be awesome but instead I chose Thsing Dao beer over coffee! hahah

With Sel (our Regional Manager) in the middle and Amantha (Singapore TM team lead) far right!

Look at these flower so well taken care off!

After 30 mins or so, off we go again to our 3rd location. 

Bus stopped right beside the Singapore team bus, had to take a picture of Fred and who is that beside I can't recognise? lol

3rd stop - Chen Ancestral Shrine

These my friends, are stone carvings. This is what i call mad skills yo! It's so fucking precise, i mean back in those days, there weren't any sort of proper technology to get something like this carved so it means one tiny mistake and the whole thing is gone. It's 3 Dimension fyi.

There are a many meanings behind the things that people back in the era used to do. They don't just do it for the sake of doing it or for decorative purposes.

A selfie at Chen's parlor. LOL

and a you-think-you-cooler-than-use punya photo. wtf

Credit Jack-ass *HAHA* for the jump shots, his photo skills improved tremendously.

After all the pics taking, I told Becs.. why this place nothing to see but they let us stay for 40 mins. siao!!

Then, she pulled me to this chamber room which is selling merchandises la. So artistic this people.

Using the side of his palms to paint a picture. #Crazy #MadSkills #ITooNoob

Right next to this table, something caught my attention:

A personal chomp! After watching tons of dynasty dynasty drama with Kings chopping their kingdom away. wtf I WANT ONE TOO MAN!

Me and Becs disrupting people at work.

Next time, anybody wan my signature. Don't paiseh..i give out for free. HAHAHAH WTF

Next up was lunch at this place which i didn't bother taking pic of cause the food sucks! Many of us noticed that the street food is way way way better than proper restaurant food. =.="

Next up is my favourite favourite favourite location and it;s also the reason why I will go back to GuangZhou again!

Shang Xia Jiu street

This place allows you to shop till your hearts' content la. It's a famous shopping street at GuangZhou. 

Unfortunate that it's a bit chilly now so the cloths sold are mostly winter outfit, couldn't buy much but i strongly believe if i do drop by during Autumn, Summer and Spring; 'TAKE ALL MY MONEY'!

Brought a few tops and skirt, nothing over 39 yuan, which means it's lesser than RM32. woot woot~

Of course, not to forget, the famous nom noms you can get along this street but the girls wasn't so worried about food la. We were more concern on shopping.

The tour guide told us that the fish skin in one of the alley is pretty darn good so we had to drop by la. Thank you boys (Michael, Yutson, Jack, Isaiah and Kenneth for the treat)!

Fish skin super crunchy and there wasn't any bad fishy smell. I don't really want to know how it is made, just put it into the mouth la. Don't think too much.

Fish skin porridge!

and this special sausages. *THANK GOD NO DOG MEAT* kbye!

The lady was asking Becca how to say a certain things in English cause she say that she has lotsa foreigner buying from her. So sweet of her to want to learn!

Spent 3 hours here and we couldn't finish lor cause we basically entered every single shop. lol

Before the sun set, we had to rushed off to our final destination!

Cruising down Pearl River, along the way you be able to see Canton Tower; apparently the 3rd tallest building in the world.

There you have it, Canton Towerformerly known as Guangzhou TV Astronomical and Sightseeing Tower. 

Night would not be perfect without a hearty meal hor, we went back to Beijing road for street food again. This round, smarter edgy' nothing heavy, everyone buy and share so we get to try a lot a lot of diff food.

I was eyeing on this shop very badly on the 1st day so 2nd day confirm needa conquer la.

20 yuan for a big bowl of noodle with soup, octopus, clams. ahhh the hot soup so tasty!

Unglam pics, sorreh!

This one: DAEBAK!

Seaweed, fishball, fish cake, fish skin, meat ball and the noodle so chewy, handmade wanton noodle.

woot is that! nom nom nom nom~

Ended the night at around 12plus, went back to the hotel and the team came over to Becs and my room for a beer party. lol

Had lotsa fun man, the crazy conversation that we share. It was definitely a great great night! 

DAY 3 is full fledge meeting and discussion. This year's meeting was pretty chilled la. Not much shouting HAHAH 

It's gonna be quite a smooth year i feel cause a lot of things been implemented last year, it's been resolve so now is to ensure that all that has been implemented stays the same.

I really like working in Nuffnang but sometimes I don't know what would i be able to achieve if i were to stay in for another 3 - 4 years. =.=

Anyway, every year after 8 hours of full on meeting. Bosses reward us with a freaking good dinner. Last year was fine dining and this year it's the best restaurant you will find in GuangZhou. 

Bought this outfit at Shang Xia Jiu, school girl outfit~

Eh, when did Amanda and Hui En pop their head in? lol

Unfortunately, the food sucks. Sorry!

This dish is by far the best edy la. Beef.

It's prob the only time I am around my team i would say, so YY suggested a NNCC manager group pic. I'm always home early from work, i don't join them for outings and what not, nevertheless, they are still the best team I have ever worked with. I wouldn't trade anything for their craziness~

Nicole, Jack and YY! Missing Nina who is unable to make it for this trip!

During dinner, everyone was discussing what should we be doing on our last night. WHAT ELSE? Clubbing lor.

110 yuan for damn a lot to drink. So cheap to club in GuangZhou!

A group of 30 people at least and tbh, people in GuangZhou doesn't know how to freaking club la. All the people there did was sit and scroll thru their phone. Whale, go home and Facebook la, oh snap.. i forget you no Facebook.. Go back and Weibo la! lolol

Thank you Becca for ensuring that I got back to the hotel safely. lol Best roommate eva!

Night ended at around 3+ cause i had too much to drink. lolol next day I felt like shit. The alcohol was still in me, I was feeling a little lightheaded, thank god for afternoon flight. AHAHA

and that sums up our company retreat at GuangZhou!


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