A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Friday, 15 January 2016

GuangZhou #NetccentricAroundTheWorld

Hello, it's been so long since i last updated this space :)

I realised something when i did my 2015 year end blogpost, jotting things down is probably the only way I will be able to remember what i did throughout my life, as long as the internet and blogspot is still around. I will always be able to remember these fond memories.

So, for this year's company retreat, Boss Ming decided to go ahead with GuangZhou, my thoughts were rather neutral when I received the email, I wanted to explore China and GuangZhou seems like a good place to start with. :)

I didn't had to spend on flight and accommodation after being with Netccentric for one and a half year, it is all covered by the company *yahooo* and what's best was that some of us will be taking MAS! *fist pump* Always had a thing for MAS but it's too expensive if u are going on a budget trip.

*I got headache pose*

Lucky me had the aisle seat and the next 4 seats beside me were pretty much empty! Had my legs place on the next seat and slept my journey through. hehe

Nasi Lemak for brunch, yum yum~

4 hours passed rather quickly when I'm seated alone. I kept telling myself, I need do go on a solo trip soon. No friends, No BF, No family. Just me and my maps!

At the China Immigration, waited for about 30 mins or so to be cleared.

We were basically the last flight in, the team building actually started at 3PM and we only arrived at 4PM.

This year's team building is a game of laser tag, being in Boss Min's team, it only means you bloody need to be damn competitive la and when it comes to games. You can say that Sam doesn't like to lose. lol

We managed to get into finals again team F (Timo's team). Last game was attacking each other bases, game ended with a draw and game master gave us another 4 mins, it ended with a draw again wtf* what are the odds. So the winner were chosen based on shot accuracy. *sulk* we lose lo! ishk

No pics of the teams cause it was in Ming's camera.

Oh ya, let me introduce you to my awesome roommate! Super awesome when you have easy going roommate la. Both of us are rather quick, we only took 30 mins for both of us to shower and get out of the hotel. lol

Rushed back to the hotel to wash up and off we go on an adventure to Beijing Road.

I actually didn't know the way to Beijing Road, we knew that it was a 10 mins walk away but not sure which direction should we be heading. Surprisingly we doing it quite easily. lol

Stumble across this rundown shop which practically had hold on walls and roof.

Everyone was rather hungry, with little consideration we just walked in and order and I'm not gonna lie, the food was rather blend without the chilli. haha

But, food in GuangZhou isn't expensive at all, unlike Hong Kong or Korea, you need at least RM30 for a meal. In Guangzhou, a decent bowl of noodle only cost RM6-7.

Look at the interior, rather old school right?

Bananas don't know how to read! Need help!

After filling up our tummy, it's time to explore~

Stumble across this sausage store and no one can resist~ We came back again the next day for more!

Extra "lat" please!

Walk walk walk and came across this. Fuck la.. chilly weather and hot soupy bowl of pig intestine is the best combo you can ever ask for.

20 Yuan for a bowl! Holyfuck, where to find in Malaysia?

Texture so chewy and springy~ we ai shi ni le zhu zhu! wtf

Isaiah bought this fruit coated with sugar thingy which tasted damn sour la. *cringe*

Came across this cute mini mobile polis van, couldn't resist taking a pic with it.

That was how our 1st night ended~

Without fail, everyone said that they have to come back to Beijing Road tomorrow to try out more street food.

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