A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Friday, 22 January 2016

Debts pilling up

It's been a concern of mine all this while to be piled up with debts after debts and it's finally really taking place in life now.

I earn a small amount of salary at the moment but I have debts of a 40 years old. =.=

I'm not sure if my demands and wants rocket high last year or that it's more like a necessity now.

I need to manage my fund better tbh. =(

Car loans 700+
Macbook loan 300+
Phone loan 200
Insurance Premium 200

Total: 1,500

and I need a new phone cause the Xiao Mi's phone that was loaned to me by the company isn't functioning very well and it's actually causing delay in my work. So, I borrowed 2,000 from mum to purchase a new phone and will pay her back monthly.

I'm in serious need of a pay raise!

It's a very private matter to be sharing this on a public space but I feel a need to remind myself that my financial management is really really bad. I fucking need to stop spending on unnecessary things like a Hello Kitty Tumbler I just bought this month!

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  1. you're not the only one. i'm bad at financial management, too. just got an app to help with this and it's been amazing to see where all my money's going! maybe you ought to look into some yourself, too. and honey, everybody needs a pay raise! lol. welcome to 2016.