A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Summing up 2015

It’s almost the end of 2015, why is time passing by so quickly? Sigh

Have I done what I wanted to do this year? Partially yes!

Was I happy this whole year? 80% yes because I’m grateful for whatever I have gained or lost. I learnt so much throughout this year, everything that I do in life, i take it in a way whereby I pick up something new. Doesn't matter if it's coming up with a proposal or even minor things like meeting new people, I always feel that it would benefit me.

But, this year is also a year whereby i became even more calculative with my time. Many people around me especially my colleagues would know that I work 'half day' every single day, leaving the office at sharp 5.45PM is a habit of mine. I'm very selfish with the time that I have, I usually spend my time either exercising, catching up on dramas or getting proper sleep. I'm not one who would drive down all the way to PJ or KL even on weekends to hang out; and i'm definitely not one who would stay back after work to have dinner out. Two reasons or excuse you might call it is that the travelling journey of 3 hours daily commuting back and forth for work is enough time wasted and I hate spending out; I have home-cooked food at home served on the table, the least i can do for mum is to finish up what she prepared. 

I became very selective with who I chose to have a closer relationship. Had a very disappointing friendship this year, if you have read my post a few months back you would know that I had a little friendship issues. I used to be very forgiving but with so much going on in my life atm, I'm finding it hard to let go and move on. 

Well, that's the two things I noticed of me.

Brief recap of 2015

January - went to Bali with Nuffnang for my 1st ever company trip. Had so much fun! 

February - Food trip down to Sekinchan

March - Organized Nuffnang's 8th Birthday, this event was something I never expected I would be able to pull it off. Sigh.. of course I had a lot a lot a lot of help from my teammates, they were super good at it, the event would not have turn out well without their help. This event was also the event that almost had me resign. I hate event planning, every single part of it but it is a basic requirement in my department. I love everything about my job, the events i get to attend, the new people that I meet, I opportunities that I get etc, it's just that I need a pay raise lololol *wasting for evaluation in Jan 2016*

April - I did my first ever paid advertorial lolololol with Sheng Kee through Adele, an ex colleague.

May - Shot in a movie as a stuntwoman, a local chinese production which would be out in February during CNY

June - Went on a Heli ride with Bobo and I graduated finally!

July - A short getaway to Penang with loverboy Eric!

August - DLA company trip to Sekeping Serendah, was a peaceful retreat and I also got my credit card this month LOL cause i wanted to buy a new Macbook wtf, pay instalment. 

September - The month I was so looking forward to. lol BIRTHDAY month ma. Parents brought me out for Kai's Plato and loverboy and I went on our yearly distance vacation. Hong Kong

October - Blogged about my 4 and half year relationship story and got a whooping 800+ views wtf why people so kepoh? lol *I just re-read what i wrote, didn't realise I so funny. wtf hahahahahah!*

November - I didn't do anything significant in November. OMG i wasted my life sial!

December - the month of so much slacks and also the month where I had the chance to swim with sharks, turtles etc at Aquaria KLCC.

That kinda sums up my year!

Not sure if you read my New Year Resolution post yet but what am i looking forward too in 2016?

Jan - Guangzhou with Nuffnang
Feb - Bandung with ma fam bam
May - Korea with loverboy

We are also thinking of a short trip back to Bali? and hoping to cover Aust in November, no concrete plans yet but hoping that the Aust's trip is a go ahead! Need to save more money! I think I need find a job which allows me to earn commission! lol

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