A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Friday, 4 December 2015

Living The Life Of Ariel

Living the life of Ariel, except that I'm just a part time one! wtf hahahaha

Anyway, thank you Dolphin Lee again for this crazy once in a lifetime opportunity! Would have never thought of swimming in an Aquarium filled with all kind of fishes, that includes Sharks and Stingrays in my life.

Gonna be expressing the sort of feelings and thoughts i have after diving into KLCC Aquaria's tank.

1. Cold

Water temperature is at 25 degrees! The moment i stepped into the water, i froze! This is without wet suit yea, we are wearing out bikini! Instant thought, how the f am i supposed to dive, swim, hold my breath and perform skills in such freezing cold water?

Screw the coldness, heads in and started kicking like a shark was chasing me *er literally*. After sniffing and drinking salt water, I started getting a hang of the temperature.

2. Nervous

A week before, when Dolphin told us that the practice is about to take place, I was already feeling a tiny bit nervous. Why wouldn't I? You have been seeing everything from the outside and now the position is switched. Being trapped behind glass windows placed a kind of mental fear in me and furthermore there are living creatures swimming along side of you. lol

Verdict: I was nervous for nothing, the only living creature that could come near me was some fishes and a turtle which i managed to get a picture with.

3. Fear

Hello, self explanatory! Got sharks inside le and its branded as the 3rd fiercest shark in the world. Even with 3 divers surrounding us, it's still dangerous hor!

We had a up close encounter with the shark but from above la, it's freaking huge! =.=

4. Surreal

How many people would ever be able to dive in Aquaria KLCC? Even if you have money, you need to be a legit diver. Lim pen did it without tank and legs bound by a pair of tail! HAHAH. It was definitely an amazing experience. Wouldn't trade anything for this experience. Thank you Mum and Dad for sending us for swimming classes and training!

Anyway, here are some of the short videos that we managed to film.

It finally sinked into me that I'm actually here, doing what i love most! This kind of opportunities are hard to come by, even with tonnes of money, many do not have the chance to put on a mermaid tail and swim in a tourist attraction.

Anyway, if you are keen to take a look at #TheMermaidMission in action, the first show will be on on the 7th of December 2015 at KLCC Aquaria, check out their official page for more information.

Itinerary of the day:
10:00 am              Arrival of Guest/Media              
10:05 am              Morning Refreshment                                
10:30 am              Deep Forest Christmas Treats
11:15 am              Giant Pacific Octopus Present Unwrapping
11:30 am              Magical Real Life Mermaids Show        
12:00 pm              Signature Scuba Santa Feeding Show  
12:30 pm              Christmas Augmented Reality                
01:00 pm              Media Interview
01:30 pm              End of Event

Aquaria KLCC: http://aquariaklcc.com/happenings

See you from the inside if you are going. :)

Signing off,
Samantha Tew


  1. All the best sam! Seriously you are so brave!

    1. Thanks babe!

      The Shark was prevented from entering our zone. hahaha

  2. Swimming with sharks! Hebat2 clap2 :)

  3. Swimming with sharks! Hebat2 clap2 :)

  4. Wah wah wah! I wanna see this leh. Will be so much fun!