A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

2016 Resolution

It's the middle of December 2015 already. Another half more month to 2016! Time has no means of stopping or slowing down as we age.

I remember time used to passed so slowly when I was in primary school but i think the speed of time escalated. wtf *imagination*

Anyway, talking about New Year's Resolution. I never tend to have one, even if I do set a new resolution every year, I never seem to keep to them. Well, maybe it was the time and money issue. I can no longer say money is an issue cause I have started working. NO I AM NOT EARNING RM10,000 A MONTH! lol and time, will forever be an issue. I should not be making any excuse. We make time for ourselves!

There is 2 things that I really want to pick up in life and this two things I have been saying for ages.

1. Picking up Korean language

I used to be a hardcore K-pop fan girl, so obsess till the point whereby i get defensive when people speak ill-y of my favourite star. i know wtf! The obsession and catching stopped when i met Eric la. lol 
I don't need no handsome star when i got my own right? HAHAHAHA *eww max*

Anyway, I still vigorously catch K-drama and i would love to be able to speak fluent Korean one day, after all it plays a big role in my high school life. The countless meeting I had with my friends swooning over handsome boys! ahhh, missed those moments. lol

2. Picking up Yoga

It's very unlike me I know, it's a super calm exercise, lotsa patience is required blah blah~

Well, that's what i need now, learning to overcome anger and of course it's for personal wellness too.

I always find girls who can bend their body in all sorts of way rather sexy. wtf lololol

and also, i personally need to stretch more. I work out quite often but stretching is never a part of my routine, which is extremely strenuous for my body.

3. Spend more time with my parents!

Ahmaigawd, I'm so freaking guilty of this, even though i stay at home but i spend the least hours with my parents. I'm such a horrible daughter!

My parents aint getting younger, i spend so much time in my room watching dramas and doing work, i tend to neglect them who are downstairs watching TV. 

I think we should make it a habit to make Saturday night an outing night. Go have some great food or sort.

4. Start cooking!

Self explanatory! I hate the preparation and washing, so i just never bother. I know as long as I stay under my mother's roof, I have everything under covered. LOL 

wtf, in 2 years time, i would be staying out and probably raising a family of my own, if i cook then we eat sand meh? lol

The first thing I would love to learn how to make to perfection is, my fav food in the whole wide world wtf.. STEAK!

Anyway, here are 4 to begin with. Really hoping I would put my heart into accomplishing all these.

Signing off,
Samantha Tew


  1. nice idea getting started on listing them resolutions down early. good luck, sam!

  2. Come, I teach you how to cook steak :D

    1. Ho Ho!!! i think you and Craig would be the best person to go to... eheheh!!