A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Friday, 20 November 2015

5 Important Characteristic In A Man

This topic suddenly came into my mind, i ain't no love or man expert but I feel it's pretty much logical when it comes to finding the right man!

Handsome, Rich - #Dreams ; can eat meh? Handsome for what, people age eventually, are you relying on him to sleep with ladies to earn ar? No ma.. Rich, family rich doesn't make him successful hor, if he earned his richness then it's a different story altogether.

I'm not gonna jump into a conclusion but chances is if your guy has the characteristic above, your relationship would probably only last 3 days. wtf jokes. < 3 years, it doesn't apply to all situation but I have seem many cases to have this pin down.

Here are a few that I have always look at when finding Mr Right! Hope it helps for you as well.

1. Hardworking

Working two jobs, full time on weekdays and part time on weekends. Waking up at 6AM to go to work! This is a keeper, how often will you come across such a guy?

Young adults my age lives a great life. We expect a lot out of the little things that we do! #HowCan?

This characteristic will put food on your table! Not Handsome or Tall or Dark hor.

This was probably what attracted me to Eric back when I was 19. He works early in the morning at about 6AM he is awake going to work till about 11AM, he comes back takes a nap and then at about 3PM he goes to work again till 9 - 10PM at night. At 23, he works for himself and it's probably a job that many many guys will not pick up. It requires him to work under the sun, getting his hands dirty getting steels weld and stone crushed. On most weekends, he work as well! I don't see him often but who am I to complain when he is working to build a career. Back when he didn't had a job, i complained, takkan now got work also I complain right? HAHAHAH

2. Has A Goal/Plan

I'm not talking about being recorded in a Guinness World Record kinda goal hor.

It's the one where he tells you, by 25 i want to be able to own a house, my first house will not be an investment one etc.. To achieve such goal, my plan is dot dot dot...

Sometimes Eric amaze me with the things that he says! This fella does not even have his SPM results with him, during SPM, he walked out on papers, he said teacher wanted to cut my hair so i patah balik never take the paper. =.=" I on the other hand scored 9 freaking A's but i feel like i'm the stupid one in the relationship.

I personally do not have a goal in life. All I want to do is to earn as much money as possible but how? I never thought of that. LOL

3. A Patient Man

If a guy walks out on your during an argument, just let him go! lol

A man who doesn't shout at you for whatever reasons it may be!

A man that doesn't raise his hand on you!

A man who apologies when he is wrong! wah, this one is a keeper, men has big ego, it's hard for them to step back and bow.

Why am i using Eric in all my examples? wtf Eric did once or twice walked away after we argued but he came back and apologize. The thing with me is, i'm pretty hard headed myself, most of the time, I feel I'm the right one LOL. So, thank you bi for being so patient in this 4 and half year!
He asked me that day, when was the last time we fought ar? I can't remember! HAHAH We joke around too much till the point where even if we are angry at certain things, it seems like a joke. We never stay angry at each other for more than half a day. I guess, being with him made me learnt patience as well.

4. Has Respect & Manners

This one very very important la especially to the elderly. I believe this should be the ultimate character every men should have, doesn't matter if you are from a rich or a bad background!

If your other half respects you and your family! Less one problem to worry! :)

If your other half speaks as if the world owes him a living, then please kick his ass out. He deserve to die! lol jokes

Well, end the end of the day you don't need compliments, flowers or fine dining. Have that when you are in your 50s', your son should be complimenting you, giving you flowers and buying you expensive dinners. lolol

And, I wouldn't say it's not about the looks completely cause that would be a lie. The look is probably the first thing people consider, but what may be beautiful to you might not be to me!!

Well, that's all I have to share!

Disclaimer: Eric is not a perfect men hor! Still lacking in many aspect but sometimes keeping flaws aside and focusing on the beautiful things is the way to row.

Signing off,
Samantha Tew

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