A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

5 Bad Habits That I 'Refuse' To Break

Was inspired to jot this down after I had a conversation with Eric on out way home on one of my bad habit!

I am quite sure 70% of people reading this would be able to relate to what I have to share. lol

After pinning this down, I will seriously try my best to change for the better. *lies* lolol

1. Not Making The Bed

My mum have personally tried all kinds of method, even with threatening us on allowance cutting during my high school days. It worked for a while but I just started getting lazy again. To be honest, out of the 365 days that I sleep on my bed, it's probably less than 10 days that I take the effort to make my bed after waking up.

I personally find it more comfortable coming home and sleeping on a cosy bed than a tidy bed. LOL #LazinessLevel100

2. Not soaking my sweaty gym clothing

Okay, people going to judge me so bad for this but it's the #truth. I workout quite a lot as many of you would have known. I do mostly HIIT exercises these days, at the end of every workout, it is as if it's just went under the rain la. My sweat is no ordinary sweat yo! LOL I consume lotsa protein on a daily basis thus smelly sweats. FML!

Well, once again my mum constantly "reminds" us to soak our gym outfit in a pail after working out but I just never bother. All dump it into the laundry basket. FHL!

Why? Too much work, soak already have to squeeze it dry then have to take it upstairs to the balcony (where our washing machine is placed). These 3 steps is enough to not make me want to do it. LOL

3. Having to wake up early the next day but sleeping late

Well, this is pretty common for everybody. I used to not procrastinate on sleeping time, i kept that up for about a year. Sleeping at 10.30AM every single day on weekdays but then workload started increasing. I had to even open up work laptop at home and it takes up sometimes 1 hour plus to clear off pending work. Thoughts of wasting the entire day working makes me wants to do things that a what a work, life, balance person should do. Catching up on movies etc.

So i wake up every single morning as if like I have been ran over by a train.

Oh man, i wish this could be me:

4. Swearing

Oh gosh, my level of swearing have reached GODLIKE level! I wasn't like that until I started working. The amount of *fu*k* that I use every single day can't be counted!

wtf, f u, fck off, wah fck le, fck liao lo, fcker, fck it, fck la, fml and the list continue!

I don't know when or how I started swearing so much in life. Sometimes I swear unconsciously, sometimes i swear cause i needa make an impact on what I'm saying!

The word 'fck' does not seem vulgar anymore to me! #GodSaveMe

5. My patience on the road

When i started driving about 2 years back, i was only driving at 80 - 90KM/H max but my speed has went up to 140KM/H (fck, my mum gonna start scolding). I used to be super patience on the road, I give way to any Tom, Dick or Harry who wants to cut my queue la cause i scared I kena langgar la.

Me now:
*middle finger* fcker, you line up! *start cursing*

Time is precious and I know my life is even more precious, I have been trying to tone it down already but sometime stupid drivers sill get on my nerves very badly.

And, if you work closely with me, you would probably know I like to get things done as quickly as I can, that includes reaching home fast after a tiring day at work.

Well, I will try to drive at the speed limit, well good thing is I don't text and drive. I can't do it! I personally despise people who text and drive so I don't even bother. Most of the time, i voice not while I drive.

I have finished sharing a few of my bad habits that I think it's pretty easy to break, I guess its a matter of determination. Will keep you guys updated on progress on those mentioned above!

Share with me your bad habits as well! Don't feel embarrass man, everyone also have bad habits lo!

Signing off,
Samantha Tew

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