A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Monday, 26 October 2015

The Reason I Went To Hong Kong

This was the one and only reason why i wanted to visit Hong Kong!

Eric was strongly against going to Hong Kong in the first place cause he said he doesn't really like the  fast pace culture and the people there, but I told him I wanted to go to DISNEYLAND very very badly! He knows I'm a Disney fanatic, so he agreed to the whole idea of visiting Hong Kong for once and for all!

My initial idea was also to never return to Hong Kong after this but I'm missing Hong Kong quite bad now! If i were to speak good Cantonese, I wouldn't mind staying there for a few years!  I love that everything is so fast there, you name it; the escalator, pace of people walking, food is served fast, people eat fast and leave fast! Everything is so fast there, I love it! I work the same way! I need fast-ness in Malaysia as well. People here take our own sweet time in everything they do. lol

Well, this would be my final post on my Hong Kong trip, going to make sure i pin down every single bit of Disneyland.

It was such an exciting day for me, usually I would get hungry really easily but that day, I don't think the word 'hunger' exist in my human dictionary. lol Eric was again quite pissed at me for forgetting that he needs to eat. lol. He almost got gastric cause i kept postponing wanting to eat. He kill joy la tsk tsk

Anyway, we took the MTR all the way to Sunny Bay and tadahhhh... was so excited to see the Disney train.

Felt so surreal~

*ticking off first disneyland* yahoo~

It was a rather quick ride before we arrived! *excited*

Sings *A Dream is a wish your heart madeeeeee, when you'r fast asleep!* But, I'm not sleeping, i'm really here in Disneyland. *cubit self*

Felt like a 7 years old girls all over again!

You know people said, you forget all sadness and responsibilities for the day when you are in Disneyland! That was how I felt that day, all I wanted to do was play through the day.

Saw my twin sister, Ariel, couldn't miss a picture with her. Don't our hair look similar? lol

Almost there, the entrance. The crowd wasn't bad at all too be honest!

I went on a Monday, we did not had to queue up for any of the rides. The longest we waited was also about 10 mins to watch Stitch show.

Community centre at Disneyland! lol

Arrived at the 'thing' that I wanted to see most!

Eric calls it 'Sam's house' wtf lol

I would love to stay here with Princess Auroro please and meet Prince Phillip. err, not Eric. *slaps* lolol

My butler waiting to greet you guys. *welcome welcome, please make yourself at home!*

*I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream
I know you, that look in your eyes is so familiar a gleam
And I know it's true that visions are seldom all they seem
But if I know you, I know what you'll do
You'll love me at once, the way you did once upon a dream* 

Guess, what was the first ride I got on? HAHAHA

Next up,

It was more of a kiddy rides :) But i enjoyed the visual and graphic!

Not forgetting, the spinning cup! :)

I think we were spinning the fastest cause most of the cups are taken by young kids age 12 and below.  LOL

'It's a small world" was such a beautiful one. <3

The dolls were dress in different countries traditional clothing!

Jeng jeng jeng! This ride we took it 3 times, all without any queue. HAHAH

Was one of the most thrilling ride as well, high speed space ship, bringing you into space!

Next was buzz light year! *competition mode ON*

In this ride, we are supposed to shoot buzz light energy and score point, were supposed to compete against our partner. Eric cheated big time by shooting at one spot only! -.-"

lan si lan yeng!

shoot you mofos!

Got a ride over to Tarzan's tree house!

Does this look like a real elephant to you?

Just right opposite of Tarzan's house, the Lion King show was about to go on in 30 mins time! :)

It was also the show that brought me to tears, I was shedding tears. THANK GOD ERIC NO SEE or he be teasing the shit out of me. lol

This show deserves a standing ovation! *clap clap clap*

I remembered Lion King went to Singapore a few years back and i really really wanted to just go down and watch them but as a student, i didn't have money la hor so yea~

I was so happy to be able to catch it here!

At this point, Eric hungry until want die liao, so no choice but to stopped for snacks. LOL

but before that, we are at Toy Story Land! This land is so so colourful, filled with Andy's toys! :)

This ride looks scary right? but it isn't at all. Kids as young as 3 years old can ride them yo!

Hey there woody!

Right beside Toy Story Land was Mystic Manor where Mystic's mansion is located! Mystic's monkey took us on a journey to view Mystic's artefacts. *K, enough of the word Mystic!*

and lastly, Grizzly bear's ride. Another thrilling ride that Eric and I went twice in a row! No pictures though, both of us were pretty exhausted by then.

Before we went off for dinner, we actually stopped at the auditorium to enquire if there were anymore passes for the Frozen show.

I was so so so so super sad to be missing this show honestly! sigh~ our fault though for not reading the guide map properly, it was written clearly that we should have picked the passes up first before it runs out but yeah, we missed that! =(

Made out way to Tomorrowland for dinner.. yum yum~

Very glamorous baby! superb! fantastic! *clap clap*


On our way back to check out Frozen again to see if we had ay luck, we came across this artistic swiper in Disneyland. He dress all this Tsum Tsum figurines with his broom! holymother! How is that even possible?

Is he like an artist but disguise himself in sweeper's outfit? wtf

Anyway, no luck with Frozen, next show was 7PM but the parade starts at 7PM, so I had to skipped Frozen. We took another bite nearby the entrance. Couldn't resist the Mickey's head waffle. <3

Last activity of the day was learning how to draw a Disney character!

Mickey's head!

No prize for guessing whose is whose!

Just on time for the parade, stole this shot when the sun was setting and "my house" light turned on!

It's so beautiful!

and here goes the lights and music! I miss everything in Disneyland. I want to go there again soon!

and finally, one last show I was really looking forward too! Recorded every single bit of it! Again, I was holding back my tear so badly! It feels different when you are there, I wish I could expressed how I felt on the day and at that time with words, but, it's impossible cause those emotions are only for my keeping!

I would like to thank everyone/everything who have made this trip possible, it is definitely one of the most memorable one!

p.s: Video taken with iPhone 6 plus, camera drained out by the end of the day!

Thank you Eric for being so patience as well! My love for you is never-ending! HAHAHA cheesy max.

Signing off,
Samantha Tew

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