A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Story Of My Relationship

Yellow Bellow, I'm back again with a story that depict the journey in my life. I have always wanted to pin this down but never had the time to do so. Well, here I'm, recoding this down to make sure i will be able to remember them even if I have amnesia or something la.

To be honest, I have never publicly revealed that my relationship was a tough one during the first two years. Just a brief one, Eric was a national swimmer. He swam for the country since 12 years old?! Training in the sports school means, you most likely take your education very lightly.

I first met Eric back in March 2011 at Shah Alam Aquatic, he had the most horrible Bieber looking kind of hair. He probably doesn't even have any quality in my ideal-kinda-guy list. lol

chao ah beng in action. I tied up his hair (2011)

What made me fell in love with him?

Both of us met through work, we were a swim instructor in the same swim school. He retired from swimming about 6 months ago and started working at this swim school. As I just completed college, I had some time off, so i took on the full time job at the swim school. One day, we just decided to have lunch together and then he drove me back to the pool side. It was from that day that, I kept telling myself that I shouldn't be dating Eric cause he isn't the kind of guy that I should be seen walking around with. OMG, makes me sounds like a douchebag, like I look down on people who don't study and all sial. I'm not okay! HAHAH!

But, the more I get to know him, the more that I felt the need to give him a chance.. it's also coz i like him la wtf wtf. Of course, I didn't rush into any relationship that quickly la. It took us 3 months to officially got together, 21st July, It was a few days before I started Uni.. lol

I hopped on this relationship with lotsa lotsa hopes, after all it was my first relationship. HAHAHA

I'm forever grateful for whatever he has done and changed for me.

My friends have asked me this before, if you loved him, why would you want to change him? That, my friend is a very tough question. I didn't change him in terms of personality, I guess I changed him in terms of habits.

For one, he threw out cigarettes completely after smoking for 7 years cause I told him I wouldn't date him if he continue smoking. lololol #assholegf
He stopped the late night outing and gamings with friends. LOL fuck! i know that was a bad one! My logic behind this was that it's dangerous to be out so late every single night and the next day he sleeps till 12 to 1PM. Damn messed up la, I was super pissed off at one point. #controllingassholegf

I don't even know how he managed to stand all this new rules i'm implementing for him? lol Thank you bi!

1st anniversary (2012)


Well, I mentioned that our 1st 2 years of relationship was tough due to one and only reason. My mother! LOL She will definitely read this la.

When she first popped the question, "you and Eric together is it?"

I thought it was a wise choice to be honest with her la.

She was;t very supportive at that point, she told me to not continue seeing him la cause I deserve someone better. I was damn freaking upset about it la.

At that time, I don't understand why she doesn't trust me to make the right decision. lol

That day, I was just telling a friend about all this and he asked, why didn't you just tell your mum on the spot if I'm the one going to bed and waking up next to him or she is the one? HAHAH wtf wtf wtf. It's a joke okay!

I couldn't possibly break up with him at this point la, he has done so much for me. So we went on with our relationship in secret! I had to lie to my mum so many many many times and each time I do so, it feels like a piles of shit has been thrown on me la. LOL

Fetching me home at night, he has to stop at the next door for me to get down. Going out with him means doing assignment with uni mates. OMG. *kid, if you are reading this next time, make sure to never follow mummy's footstep! wtf HAHAHAH*

Throughout this two years, we had only one near to break up experience. Of course, we get update at a lot of things but Eric is too patient of a man. He always takes a step back and i appreciate it very very much! :)

How and Why I told my mum?

Wow, this memory is still very vivid in my mind. In November 2013, I have already made up my mind to tell my mum about it cause Eric had a stable job and what not!

It was after handing in my last assignment for the 4th semester, being burden free, I sat down on the sofa by the living room while she was watching TV, i told her "Mi, I got something to tell you!" jeng jeng jeng... now, to think back.. I wonder what was she expecting?

Me telling her that I'm pregger? hahahahahahah She would probably flip glass table sia or would be be thinking, "ho she got grandchild edy!" WTF

Anyway, I told her that me and Eric is still seeing each other la, all this while I was bawling my eyes out. I couldn't even articulate properly. I just kept on sobbing and sobbing cause all the guilt just resurface at that time. LOL

I didn't even told Eric about it, I wasn't even mentally ready lo but i just decided to be very gung-ho la. LOL

My mum took it damn calm la.. she said she knew all along just didn't want to confront me. She wanted me to speak about it myself. She asked me questions of what he is doing and all. At that time, Eric was residing in Kampar due to work projects, so I don't see him that often also.

Wahlao, that day was the best day of my life la. It's as if I scored a lottery man!

It just means that I no longer have to lie or out of guilt buy food home just to make my mum happy a little. LOL! I lied that second part, I still bring home a lot of goodies for my family okay! lol

2011, our first fight was in Genting! HAHAHA

2012, 20th birthday 

21st birthday, 2013 

Domestic abuse, our first oversea trip, Bali, June 2014

Our 2nd trip, Hong Kong, Sept 2015


I can proudly say now that my mum is the happiest la with my relationship cause I'm the only one with a stable relationship among my sisters. HAHAHAHAH FTL. So, her biggest hope is me at this moment unless my sister decide to serve lunch before breakfast la. LOL

Mum even sat down and spoke to Eric about wanting me to married at the age of 26. wtf! HAHAH.. Whose mum does that you tell me? Eric said, he just sat down quietly and listen. LOL.

Both me and Eric are so happy at this point, we have nothing to quarrel about. We give in to each other so easily, not gonna jinx it la. So, I will be ending my post here!

Signing off,
Samantha Tew

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