A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

One Dolphin, Two Dolphins... Five Dolphins

Been missing in action after my post on our visit to Tian Tan Buddha at Ngong Ping!

If you missed out on
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Have it checked out! :)

On the fourth day, we decided to drop by Ocean Park even though it was a Sunday. At first, we were quite afraid that the park might be very crowded but surprisingly not, until late evening.

There were minimal queue for every single ride, which was a good thing cause we managed to finish everything by 5PM.

How to get to Ocean Park:
Stop at Admiralty MTR station and follow the sign which leads to the Ocean Park bus stop, take the bus number 629 which cost HKD10.6 one way, it brings you right to the door step of Ocean Park!

Ocean park only opens at 10AM, we arrived at around 9.45PM and we saw quite a huge crowd already. Door opens exactly at 10AM :)

Magnificent view while we ride up! :)

There wasn't a lot of things to do in Ocean Park but both me and Eric did enjoy ourselves a lot walking and exploring the huge space! We saw tons of sea creatures la. wtf

Feeding time!

Coincidentally, while we were walking past the open air aquarium, we saw that the Dolphin show was about to start. Lucky us! It's my 1st time seeing Dolphins in action! I was squealing while watching the performances. Eric kept saying that he wants to be a dolphin trainer and sort after watching the show! HAHAHA..

He needa train his dog 1st la before he train dolphins, dog pun tak boleh handle d, how to train dolphins. LOL

Using their tails to wave goodbye! :D

Everything was great until about 4PM, there were a lot a lot a lot of China tourist, they seriously messed up our day la. I have never actually encountered any rude Chinese tourist before until today. I have always said, I would love to visit China because it's a beautiful place but now i doubt it, the people there are so uncivilised, they have no basic moral or ethics.

They fucking cut queue and what's worst is they come in a freaking huge group. Walking past you without even acknowledging that you are also queuing for the rides. OMFG! I was so pissed off till the point that I was staring so hard at them, i think my stares could actually burnt a hole through them! So damn messed up! ugh~

That was the last ride me and Eric took before we decided to call it the day, we didn't even stayed till 7PM to watch the firework.

We headed straight to Central to look for dinner. Stumble across Mak's noodle which was in the my list of to-eat.

Location: G/F, 77 Wellington St, Central

It is just a street ahead of Lan Fong Yuen. :)

It's the best noodle i have had! I ordered the beef brisket noodle while Eric ordered the Wanton noodle!

These noodles are handmade, that's why it is so springy and the beef literally just melted in my mouth! I LOVED IT!

Wasted that it is such a small bowl! I slurped everything up within 4 mouthful.

I wanted to go there again but Eric didn't quite enjoy it! =(

Total damage: HKD133

Next up, Honolulu Coffee Shop, two street ahead of Lan Fong Yuen.

Location: G/F 33 Stanley St, Central

Bought two to try, personally feel that this taste better than the Tai Cheong Bakery one we had on our 1st day. The crust is more flaky but the egg taste isn't enough even though it was thick. lol

I can still find better egg tarts in Malaysia. *competitive*

That's all for Day 4. We bought VLT drink along the way back home :)

Signing off,
Samantha Tew

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