A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Friday, 2 October 2015

Both Sides of A Story!

Putting my Hong Kong postings on hold for a bit because people have lost interest. lol.

Gonna do a little expressing today cause of a disappointing news i heard today. Human are constantly faced with all kind of disappointing from the moment that they are able to express their thoughts and make wise decisions.

How to overcome disappointment? Everyone overcomes disappointment in a different way, i usually takes things quite positively, this news that I have acquired today isn't affecting me much but once again, i'm reminded that decision/finalization/judgment should not be made after hearing something from one side. I admit to making hasty decisions/judgments sometimes. I was once told by a friend that people only believe one side of the story. For example, I have a close friend that I have known for many many years and she broke up with her bf, of cause we would be consulting her on regards to that matter. If her stories involved him wronging her and all sort, we would automatically think that, yeah he is definitely the jerk but have you actually sat down and spoke to the guy? Do we even know what he did and why he did all those? Nope because we trust the closer counterpart, which is absolutely wrong.

I have noticed that change of behaviour for quite some time already but i never thought of it that much because i have very minimal time at hand to think of things like, people doesn't like me, people thinking that I have not kept to my promise, people thinking that I have betrayed them. Of course, before i jump into conclusion and I would have to re-think if I really did all those to them or they were just thinking otherwise?

I have even thought of going upfront and question what was it that I did but I realised that wouldn't be very wise because if the first place, if you understand me, it is unlikely of me to act such despicably la but it's alright, sometimes negativity clouds a person's judgments.

At this moment, I have three priorities in life.

1. Work

Climbing up as high as I can at this point of time, be able to earn as much as I can now and to learn as much as I can in whichever industry I'm pursuing. Why? Because at the age of 23, if I do not have such goals, when should I have them? When I have children?
Because I am quite positive by the age of 28 or 30, I would be settled down and if i'm blessed, I would have children by then. At that point of time, I will promise not to be aggressive as I am now because I, like my mum, would like to pass on the best to my children.

2. Eric

Self explanatory. No matter what hinder comes about, he is still someone i would like to spend the rest of my life with. lol cehhhwahhh. But honestly, we have been through thick and thin, our relationship is at that point whereby we trust that we will not wrong each other, i mean i believe he feels that way too la. We have jumped over so many hinder from being rejections to long distance to almost breaking up. But, at this point I believe we are at our happiest and strongest. There isn't anything to fight about because we are able to tolerate each other. lol Thank you for being around always bi. Love you to the moon and back!

3. Travels

At this age, my biggest dream is to also conquer the world. lol. I want to be able to travel to as many destinations as I can before getting married. Of cause, if i can afford I would like to pay for my parents to tag along too. :)

I am very happy and grateful thus far. Our 1st trip was in Bali and this year, we managed Hong Kong, can't wait till next year May for a whole new experience and fun again! :)

Oh gosh, this was supposed to be a short posting, I have no idea how i came up with so much word vomits. LOL

I have only one advice to myself, care but never care too much. Give your best at everything and let god decides the rest hor..

Signing off,
Samantha Tew

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