A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Monday, 12 October 2015

4 Ways To Know If A Person Dislikes You!

Writing this based on my personal experience, might not entirely apply for you but I guess some of these point might not be wrong.

In all my life, I have met true friends who stick close to you no matter what you do or where you come from. But, I have also met friends whom i have known for 10 years or more now that have made me lose faith in friendship sometimes!

I have come to a point in life whereby I just want to get rid of toxic friends, people who manipulate others to believe what they say is true. lol Actually today's topic is ways to know how a friend is getting rid of you la. I feel like i went out of topic for a second there.

Here we go:

1. No Eye Contact

During a gathering, that person tries to avoid all sort of eye contact with you. He/she tries
to act busy or walk away just to avoid looking into your eyes in hopes of not speaking to you. LOL

Eyes are the window to a person's soul, if somewhere were to speak to me without any sort of eye contact,I would definitely be able to sense that they are not keen to engage in any conversation.

2. Do Not Share With You

In this case, it would be pretty darn obvious if that person tries to shussh another person who is bringing up a topic he/she doesn't want you to know when you walk towards them. Please guys, don't feel offended if your 'friend' doesn't want to share his/her secrets/discussions with you, she has a right to do so! Curiosity shouldn't be taking the lead in this case.

If he/she knows that you are a good friend, including you in a discussion is pretty much a norm cause he/she knows you care.

3. Rushing To End The Conversation

Question: "How was your weekend?"

Answer: "It was good!"....*walks away*

Well guys, that is a clear signal to just fuck off! HAHAH because that said person has no intention in speaking to you in the first place. Don't bother to pursue further after you ask the third question and the response you get are short and close ended!

4. Not Replying Whole Heartedly

Intonation plays a big role in this case! If his/her tone is as flat as the ground then you have receive your signal once again!

Well, let me know if you are guilty of committing such deeds or you are able to detect that a 'friend' is trying to get rid of you. :)

Signing off,
Samantha Tew

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