A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

What's in store for my 23rd? Kai's Plato

It's a crazy seafood kinda night! Mum and dad decided to do an advance celebration for my 23rd this year cause i would be departing to Hong Kong in a few days time. :)

We decided to head to Kai's Plato at Kota Damansara cause I read KampungBoyCityGal's and KimCun's review on the place. It was indeed one good dinner! The concept of this place was feast without utensils! Eat it off your finger!

Thank you mummy and daddy for the great meal which cost us RM644 for 8 pax! <3

Every year's birthday is just a really simple meal, we never exceeding RM200 for each our our birthday dinner but i guess, things got a little better this round, so mum say something more fancy la. Not gonna make this a habit! Always pray for the best only la! Should never be greedy, thus i'm grateful for everything this year!

Got dressed up after my nails appointment off we go!

Eric came down after work to pick up my family. :)

I made a mistake of assuming that this place is located inside Encore Strand mall! huge mistake, got scolding from my parents for walking around trying to find this restaurant! Was hoping then that the food will be damn good or i will sure keen bash 1 la... cause everyone was in heels and make up etc.

The good bf decided to just walk around on his own to find that place. :) 

So, don't to fool yea. Use waze to get to that place, it's located on the same row as Giant Hypermarket.

They decorated the place with lotsa shells, lotsa encouraging words from ppl who have dined there!

This sauce is the bomb la! Basically everything that is going to be serve is just steamed with minimal dressing. So, this sauce is to enhance the taste. It's spicy and sourish! Daebak~

Steps by steps on how to enjoy Kai's Platter.

We even had wine le! If you are dining in 3 days before or after your birthday, wine is only RM26+ per bottle! I was 5 days earlier to be exact but the kind co-founder of the restaurant is Pah Sang Lang. So he said okay la okay la, can!

Woohoo to Pah Sang Lang Allan. I think that's his name! Brownies point for this restaurant.

Wine was great with the seafood. Sweet wine.

I can never get a proper selfie without interruptions! HAHAH

See see! HAHAH


We ordered two side dishes. Baby Tako @ RM17 *if i'm not mistake*

But all sides are below RM17, so don't fret. The sauce that comes with it is pasta-ish sauce! SO SO GOOD! Me and Eric couldn't stop!

Spicy Snail! It looks gross but man~ i'm ordering this again when i return, which we will, i'm very very sure of it. Salivating again while just looking at all this.

It's usually very very hard to please Eric with food but he enjoyed the meal very much, so we will come back for more!

How do you like my nails! :)

It's finally here! yahoo~ We order the 2 x 4 pax platter!

1st tier consist of:
Bamboo clamps

Ring it right off the table! Looks dirty right, but it't not okay. The table mat is ripped off the moment u finish eating and replaced with a new one. :)

Tier 2:
Slipper lobsters
Crab (2 types)
Mussels with cheese *IS TO DIE FOR*! fcking good!

My old man & old woman! HAHAH

They are aging so quickly! Needa spend more time with them!

Me and hiao ta bo, Eric! <3

Mr waiter helping us to cut the crap Crab *gedditgeddit*! :P #Lame

What is this piece of heaven? LOLOL

Mussels and cheese

Finally, last tier!

By this time everyone's tummy is filled to the brim d la but no one can resist this soup, cause all the goodness comes down to this pot! Whatever juice that came out from the seafood above is all in this pot of gold!

Angel's hair is provided to go with the soup.

Eric ate 2 big bowl of noodle. The noodle that was supposed to be shared among 8 pax is eaten by him alone. Okay, maybe he ate 6 pax share but still damn a lot sia!

Then at night at around 10PM, he say he hungry again already! wahlao, damn pig sia!

The aftermath!

Was a super worthy meal! Spend your birthday here if you don't know what to have! :)

Love this year's birthday meal!

Kai’s Plato
A-1F-3, Garden Office @ Encorp Strand,
No. 12, Jalan PJU 5/1, Kota Damansara
(above the mamak with yellow sign board)
Tel: 0172832883

Signing, off,
Samantha Tew


  1. Sounds like a great birthday meal!

    1. yeap, u should try it too Yen! The broth at the end was really good! :)

  2. Happy birthday Samantha! :)

    Yeah, Kai's is actually quite good if you like seafood. Strange thing is they're very secretive about prices (not sure if this is still true) - they don't publish on FB and you have to msg them for it. Last time I went I think it was less than RM 200 for 2 pax (around RM 178 or so) which isn't expensive for the amount of stuff you're getting so I thought that was weird.

    BTW, Kai's is just beside where I live! My apartment is literally BESIDE it.

    All the best this year Sam!

    1. Thank you thank you Huai Bin! :)

      I stumble across the price on blogger's blog.. hahah.. Really love everything that was served in the pot!

      Really... wah, so convenient for you to just drop by anytime you want! hahah :)

      Now i know where you live.. hahah

      Thanks Huai Bin! :)