A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Thursday, 24 September 2015

From Hong Kong, With Love (Part 2)


It was only 7PM+ after we finish Madamme Tussaud, we decided to go back to Yau Ma Tei to look for food, not very hungry yet at that hour actually.

Just right outside of our Hotel, the Temple Nigh Market is situated. We decided to just take a look at what these street market can offer. Honestly, nothing fancy la, it's just like any other night market/pasar malam.

But we came across Hui Lau Shan, we have em in Malaysia too. Hui Lau Shan is everywhere in Hong Kong. You can defy find one in every street. Both of us didn't have any appetite for heavy meals so we just ended up with desserts la.

We ordered only one Mango Chewy Ball, share among the 2 of us. The shopkeeper must be thinking, this two beggars! lolol

Everything was good though except the mango ice cream, tasted a little like durian.. err.. noooo!

After Hui Lau Shan, we decided to call it a night! was around 10PM+, couldn't sleep at all.. toss and turn till maybe 1plus before we finally fell asleep!

Day 2 (11th Sept 2015 - Sammy's birthday)

Our initial plan was to go to the Ngong Ping big buddha but we checked out the cable car and it cost a flipping HKD133 per person, so Eric said lets no go la, too expensive but we ended up going the next day. *indecisive ppl*

Plan B was Ocean Park but I told Eric, don't wan la.. leave it till next week la cause we shouldn't waste the 3 days free rides on MTR. lololol soreh, i very calculative hor!

So, my birthday was spent exploring the beautiful city of Hong Kong.

We got off Central again for breakfast, this time, we finally managed to have our dose of Lan Fong Yuen. We approved! Love the Nissan noodles sia, they added spring onions with something, matches the nissin noodle damn well!

ching cong ling long ding dong.. Too deep, i can't read a lot of words in their menu.. LOL so we ended up pointing what we wanted again. HAHHA

Each set meal is HKD50, add on $2, you can get a Milk Tea of Coffee.

I have never had so much milk tea in ma life over a week! Every single meal, we had milk tea! Nevertheless, Good stuff la!

Such simple meal but so satisfying.

Day 2, we kinda know what are the prices of food already so this time, we just ordered away. Didn't really bother so much about the bill.

Total spending: HKD167

Lan Fong Yuen Central
Address: G/F2 Gage Street CentralHong Kong

Forgot to mention that our initial breakfast plan was Tim Ho Wan at IFC Mall located at Central but we were told that it is under renovation so no luck for Dim Sum on my birthday. =( But it's okay, Lan Fong Yuen is good too.

Anyway, we walked around IFC Mall, tons of branded stores and we stumble upon their Apple outlet, it's freaking huge! Two levels, level 1 are all items on display and there are so many store assistance to help you out. Level 2, tons of tables and plug point, they conduct classes for the older people and those who own a macbook, can jz drop by to get their work done there. OMG~ Hong Kong Apple Store why u so generous?

Next up, we took the train back to Mong Kok to look for this place call Kam Wah Cafe. We just wanted to explore the city and utilise the MTR card as much as we could. The cafe serve good Po lo Yau bun.

The shop assistant very rude le in this shop! zzzZzz

Not helpful at all but the bun was good, surface was crispy and it's the sweet kinda bun. Eric approve!  Would go best with coffee but we stupid stupid go order milk tea again. LOL

Adress: 47 Bute St, Hong Kong

Ops, have i not introduced my fav drink in Hong Kong?

The VLT Lemon Tea, locally made. It's so good that we actually went grocery shopping to buy 18 boxes of VLT home. lol

Price range between HKD6 - 6.90 for a big box depends on where you buy them. Never, i repeat, NEVER buy from Circle K or 7 Eleven, everything is pricey!

Right after having the bun, I said I wanted to check out the so called "goldfish market", as we turn left from the junction, I saw tons of fish shop and we knew that we were at the right place. 

The whole stretch is of pet stores, they sell unusual fishes/pets le. 

See, I have never come across people selling crab?! in a fish shop.

Head tortoise?

After that, we walked aimlessly in Mong Kok till we arrived at the next station, Prince Edward. Told Eric, nothing much here, let's just go to Tsim Tsa Shui's Avenue of Star and watch the night light show.

It's good that we went without a tour, we have the flexibility to do whatever we wanted!

and here we are, at the other side of the city! Overlooking Hong Kong Island.

Mandatory selfie. :)

The sun set faster than we expected, didn't manage to capture much photos so I told Eric, we have to come back here again another day!

Taking a short break, legs were super exhausted by then. =(

and tadah, the building lights are on. I wonder how much the government spend daily to switch on all these beautiful lights!

Some more Hong Kong is a tax free country le! How How How?!?!?

wah, my panaroma skill sucks max! why my pic senget one?

Sharp 8PM, the show was on!

Show lasted for about 15 mins and after that we hastily left the place already. We didn't exactly go back to the hotel after that, we started out journey of exploring Tsim Tsa Tsui.. it's so much more happening here compare to Yau Ma Tei area. 

Stumble upon a 'lok lok' store which happens to have a huge crowd. There are many many stores on the street but this one was pretty crowded.

We had fishball with curry sauce and a huge sausage. Cost us HKD27

We spent at least and hour roaming around till we finally decided to go back to our hotel area.

Told Eric, let's just try the small restaurant right outside our hotel, cause there was a queue the other day. It's call the Four Season Claypot Rice

It's pretty cheap eh. HKD28 for a claypot, we ordered the wrong one, should have order the chicken one instead of the sausage one but i personally like it la, Eric doesn't like it at all. =(

Add in the sauce that is place on the table yourself and the awesome thing about Hong Kong shops are they allow outside drink, so we brought in our VLT. hahah.

After dinner, went back and KO and plan what to do next day.

Total damage: HKD307

Signing off,
Samantha Tew


  1. Reading this at 10:42pm is making me so hungry. Gosh sam, love your birthday outfit. Very pretty.

    1. Thank you babe <3 hehehe... i kinda miss Hong Kong too now.