A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Sunday, 20 September 2015

From Hong Kong, With Love (Part 1)

I laughed at my own title also. Stole it from the movie "From Paris, With Love". lol. I didn't even watched that show lor.

Anyway, it's been so long since I last update my blog. Was away from 10th - 17th Sept for a week holiday! :) Was really looking forward to that holiday, needed to escape from work for a bit, unfortunately, the holiday wasn't as relaxing as I think it would be. How stupid am I! It's Hong Kong city, everything there is so fast. Eat, walk, shit also fast lor!

Me and Eric did tons of walking honestly, i complained of leg aching every single day. He calls me a weakling! LOL

Our flight on 10th Sept (Thurs) departs at 7.10AM, Eric's bro picked us up from my home at around 4.10AM and we headed straight to the airport. Was half awake only from home all the way to Hong Kong.. some more the day before we went for the #NNPremiereScreening of #TheMazeRunnerMY. got back also around 1AM already. LOL

The moment i stepped into the flight, i slept all the way 10AM, arrival time was 11AM. Had a good sleep!

The moment we arrived at Hong Kong Airport, first thing to be done is to get the local sim card, we read online that the local sim card cost aboout HKD120 (RM60+) and there is 5GB data in it, you are allowed to use it for a total of 8 days! You don't really need to get a portable wifi thingy from Malaysia before flying honestly, getting the local simcard is ways cheaper and Hong Kong has fast internet. Eric's phone was on LTE all the time. Brownie points for you Hong Kong! :)

This is how the shop looks like at Terminal 1. Just look for 1010.

Next thing is to get our Octopus pass for easy access to public transportation.

We were actually contemplating between getting the "Octopus Pass" for the "Airport Express Travel Pass". The Airport Express Pass allows you to travel anywhere for FREE on the MTR for 3 days while the Octopus Pass requires you to top up the card for usage.

Reason why we were hesitating is cause we didn't really plan where we were going throughout the one week there. We know of the places that we were supposed to go but unsure of the day.

After much consideration, I told Eric, lets just go with the Airpost Express Pass la. We fully utilise it for the next 3 days la.

The Pass cost us HKD 300 (RM150+) each.

and off we go to the CITY! :) *eggcited*

Hong Kong is a 1st world country as you have already know but there were still tons of construction everywhere we go!

The airport transfer only took us 24 mins to get to Central, we had to switch to another line in Central to get to our hotel.

The hotel that we are staying at is situated at Yau Ma Tei. The first mistake that we made, that started pissing Eric off was not knowing which Eric are we supposed to take. In every station in Hong Kong, there are a few exit known as A, B, C, D etc.....

TIP #1: Get the Hong Kong Map at the immigration area

We took the wrong exit and therefore we had trouble looking for our hotel. Weather was pretty hot too. Thank god I took a map off the shelves when we arrived at the Immigration, just get it cause you might never know when you would need it. The map came in super handy for us, everywhere we walked to, we just followed the map. LOL

Finally found the place after walking aimlessly for 15 mins. Took this during the night kay, we didn't walk for 6 hours to find our hotel.

Wei Zhi already warn me that the rooms in Hong Kong guesthouse are freaking small, I didn't expected it to be that small until i saw it for myself. Eric and I had to walk sideways to pass by each other to get to the toilet and such. It's a freaking rat-hole for RM180+ per night.. Eric got mad again! He is very very particular with hotel rooms, i actually persuaded him to stay in this hotel cause it was RM20 cheaper than the other room per night. Eh hello, RM20 x 7 night = RM140 already hor! Can eat two meals already. *kiamsiap mode on*

He was quite pissed about it for a bit la but we can't do anything la cause I booked and paid on Expedia already. heheh. Love Expedia, my number 1 go to place to look up for hotels. I slept comfortably for all night while Eric had trouble sleeping at first. lol.. poor boy. He said, he could even hear the next door guy snoring in the middle of the night but I didn't hear anything at all.

Right after checking in, off to went to Central again to seek for lunch at Lan Fong Yuen as recommended by many food and travel blogger.

Was already 2PM+ already, tummy was growling at first but because we kept getting lost, we just lost our appetite. Told Eric, aiya.. it's okay la, let's just walk into any restaurant to fill the tummy first. We Stumble across this restaurant that looks quite alright, without knowing what they actually serve. We just walked in.

Sat down and we didn't know how to order cause the menu was in Mandarin and it was our first meal in Hong Kong.

Tips #2: Ask for English Menu, most of the restaurant in Hong Kong have em.

Eric was angry once again, cause he didn't know how to order. So we just order the most basic one, Chicken Rice and Siew Yok Rice and Milk Tea. When the bill came, we had a shocked. For Hong Kong Dollar, just divide by 2 and you will get an estimated amount in Ringgit Malaysia.

That means, our first meal cost us RM55+. I kept consoling myself, "it's okay Sam it's okay! We are still new to this town". HAHAHAHAH

Little did I know, the price listed is very very normal. Their standard of living is so high, buying cloths can sometimes be cheaper than eating!

I forgot to take pic of my food cause I was having tons of inner confusion, i was wondering how are we gonna pass our remaining 7 days with about HKD12,000.

But, I can assure you that the chicken rice was really really good, the one which cost HKD55. The skin was so tasty even Eric was quite satisfied with it. It's hard to please Eric when it comes to food. So, anything he approves would not be that bad la.

After lunch, I told him I wanna look for the Mid Level Escalator. It's recorded as one of the longest escalator in the world! Found the escalator within mins, was just about 50 metres away from the Dragon Restaurant.

Seen it in lotsa Hong Kong dramas, have to at least visit it! :)

Was a long way up, took us about 8 mins or more to just reach the top without walking la.

Eric even stopped by 7 eleven to buy smoke and drink. I would only allow him to smoke during holidays for fun, i trust that he doesn't do it behind my back on usual days. Last trip to Bali also, he said he wanted to try local smoke, so I said okay la, only during holidays.

We were just walking around aimlessly after that. On our way down, guess what we stumbled into?

Lan Fong Yuen! =.="

Fail max, told Eric, we would come back here another day.. too full and shocked at the price we paid for lunch at the moment.

We discovered that Tai Cheing Bakery was just around the corner, read KBCG's blog, they say that Tai Cheong serves one of the best egg tart, so we bought 2 tarts and 1 sugar donut.

The tarts taste really diff from our local one. I wouldn't say it's the best la honestly but the crust is so flaky and crispy.

Spent HKD 21 on pastries. We thought it was pricey once again till we had other street food. =.="

Address: Hong Kong, 32 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong

It was around 4PM+, I told Eric, why don't we just go to Madamme Tussaud Wax Museum. Get over and done with la since we have nothing much to do already. So, off we went. Was quite a long walk from

Love how busy Hong Kong is.

Streets are clean, people walk fast and most of all, it's recorded as the safest country in Asia. Not even Singapore can compete with this country.

I would love to stay here if given the chance but I would have to pick up Cantonese 1st before I can live here! LOL

The crowd to get to the The Victoria Peak Tram.

How to get there?
Exit J or K at Central MTR and follow the sign, it's about 12 mins walk away from the MTR station.
Operating hours: 7AM - 12PM
Tram Fee: HKD 83 (include access to the highest level of The Peak, whereby you will get a great view of the entire Hong Kong City).

Look at how steep the way up, I was on the verge of having a panic attack or. Kept thinking how ar if the brake not working. LOL

View on the way up!

I have already pre-bought the ticket during the MITM fair at Mid Valley a month back @ RM99 per tick. The travel agency that I bought from was Roystar Travel & Tour. They are quite trustable and efficient. *thumbs up*

Address: 171-171-1, Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaPhone:+60 3-2143 0188

Have quite a story to share here, when we arrived at the ticketing counter at the entrance to catch the tram, i produced a letter by Roystar to claim our ticket, the lady at the booth told us, they have never seen such a letter before. I started panicking la, called up Roystar to check, thank god they picked up or not I might just killed myself. The lady on the phone said she needed to clarify a few things first and will call me back in a bit.
With no proper ticks, Eric has already bought the tram ticks up. He said "if we don't have ticket, we won't come back here again!" Lagi la I panic.
There were another counter at the peak, when there and the lady recognised the letter! Burden lifted! Stressful max on our first day in Hong Kong.

All was forgotten when i entered the museum! heheh.. you will know why in a while.

Would you like some egg tarts, lin zhi ling!


wahlao, so handsome!

The lady on my work and personal desktop wallpaper! She is such a beauty!

Malaysian Pride

See see seee! One of my many boyfriends! wtf

Had to tip toe so i don't look like a midget!

OMG! my first boyfriend in the Kpop scene! Why so suai!

Nichkhun <3

Look at Eric's face! LOL where can compare to Nichkhun hor! HAHAHAHAH

and, we are now at the highest level of Victoria Peak! We waiting for the sun to set to get a glimpse of the building lights! So beautiful!

 The man's face looks like a frog la! lol

Gonna pause here, wait up for the next entry. :)

TIP #3: Speak in English, do not speak Mandarin cause they generally hate China people! Eric and I had a bad encounter with some China dudes at Ocean Park too.. fucking rude! 

Total Damage: HKD1616

Signing off,
Samantha Tew


  1. hahahaha! omg reminds me of my trip to HK 3-4 yrs back! First day already lost here and there, then start getting the app and second day onwards better a lot. And yes, dey hates the China mainland people, till the point they rather not sell to them! When we speak english, then give us more discounts summore! LOLOL.

  2. Gosh. looks like fun. Somehow from all your pictures, HK looks less crowded from how I remember. I remember needing to push a little because everywhere was just too crowded. Especially in the trains. Hope you ate their dim sum! I still remember HK has the biggest dim sum I have ever seen :D