A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Been A Crazy but Fun Week

This weekend was one of the most happening one for me. LOL

Work only started on Tuesday this week cause Monday was a public holiday. Work was as usual hectic, on Wednesday, I ha 2 meetings back to back, only had time sit down and start clearing off my emails at night. As usual, i make sure i workout 1st before i get down to my emails. LOL #badworker

Thursday was a little more relax, had time to finish off everything in the office cause Thursday is our weekly meeting, not allowed to leave the office the entire day, which is good la cause I can use up the entire day just to clear of pending work.

Friday, met with Michekins for bi-annual talent review, rushed home after that to clear emails before i drive down to KL again for Saturday Night Fever! Went home 1st cause i needed to bath and put on proper make up for the Saturday Night Fever. Nuffnang is the official online partner for this show which is still ongoing if you don't already know. Happening from 4th - 13th September. Quick go secure yourself passes cause the show is quite good lo!

Dancer all super energetic and i'm broadway/musical cast never fail to amaze me with their vocals la!
It's not easy to sing and dance at the same time, it requires a lot of energy! Juts imagine doing Insanity/Aerobic and sing at the same time. Wah fuck! The songs from SNF were well sang, they had lotsa diff version to each songs, which is nice! Takkan just sing same song with same tune over and over again la hor. HAHA

Oh btw, my OOTD of the day!

Surprise! I'm red headed now! A major change, never had such bright color before and i've been getting lotsa stares la! HAHAH

Had Melly join me for the show! Was supposed to be Jacinda, but i think she is very very busy with Pak Pandir show organised/choreograph by Alam Wakaka, which will be happening on the 19th Sept at Istana Budaya too! :)

I'll be there to watch it too! Must be good la cause it's Alam's show. He is the winner of the 1st seasons of So You Think You Can Dance Malaysia! :D

Quick purchase your ticket, It's very cheap nie, RM35 for one!

I wasn't very far from the stage le.. HAHAH.. Yen gave me a pair of VIP passes! THANKS YEN!!!! <3 <3 <3. She always gives me stuff le! Sunway Lagoon passes, Capilano Honey and now Saturday Night Fever VIP ticks!

Thank you once again Nuffnang and Yen :) #NuffnangXSaturdayNightFever #SNFMalaysia2015


That was't the end of my night. It's a FRIDAY NIGHT! Wild Sam is out to party after a hectic week!

Wah, I say until I party animal nie! I swear I don't do this every week or every month la hor!

Left SNF at 11.10PM and straight drove home. Billy was already waiting to pick me and my sis up to head to new Zouk!

Left Klang at 12.30AM, were still the earliest among out friend. Arrive at 1 plus, the queue was bad! They didn't allow us to enter at all.

Full house!

Sabrina had to cut queue and force herself in to buy bottles so we could enter. There were 11 of us that night!

Billy, Sabrina, Regen, Jasmine, Jasmin'e cousin, Willis, Chien Wei, Yong Sheng and his friend, June and Angeline.

Was a great night! Fun looking at a few friends getting drunk and what not. LOL

Billy couldn't drive, so I took over the wheels. Left the place at about 5AM :)

The funny thing was, Zouk said it was full house BUT there were still so many empty spaces when we went in. WTF~

Regen was completely out for the night, thank god Billy managed to carry her to the sofa lor, if it's just me and Sabrina, we don't know what we can do la. HAHAH

Billy slept on the floor. Pity the fella, I dare not sleep lor, coz i scared he wanted to go home and don't know how! Was still texting Willis and Yong Sheng to keep me awake for a bit but alas the 2 pun fell asleep.

Woke an hour later to ask Billy if he wants to go home 1st before my mum woke up! He said he still damn drowsy! HAHAHAH

Went to the kitchen and saw that my mum was awake already... HAHAH

Told her to open door for Billy la if he wants to go home. :) Heng ar!

Went back to sleep for another 3 hours and its time for my nail appt! Check out my cute Disney theme nails! Love Eanne's artwork, so precise and it's also damn cheap la. RM80 without discount, she gave me a RM15 discount cause i signed up for a 10 pedicure session package which only cost RM25.80 per session! I go every month, so why not right? :)

That wasn't the end of my Saturday! Mum decided to celebrate my 23rd birthday in advance!

Thanks Mummy! <3

All about it in my next post! :)

Before i end this post

Had dinner with little sis at Aeon Bukit Tinggu Kinsahi! Rare treat from her le!

I think it's my bday treat, she bought me a present too. Reveal it in the next post!

#FlatLay #Sashimi #YummyInMyTummy

Thanks Sabrina! <3

Signing off,
Samantha Tew

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