A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Friday, 21 August 2015

Slipping in 300 squats within your daily routine

People often ask me how I managed to exercise even after coming back from work. I won't deny that every other weekdays when I arrive home, my first thought would be to shower, have my dinner and lie on the bed because i'm so mentally and physically exhausted from waking up at 6.30AM daily to commuting to work for one and half hour each way and then spend 8 hours replying emails and attending to request and lastly commuting back home again.

I really wish I could just tell myself "forget about the exercise, lay back a bit la" and just go with what life have to offer but my heart tell otherwise. I would always feel guilty if I don't churn out time to workout or I would question 'where would all my past 3 years effort go to?'. That's why I never stop working out no matter how least of an effort I put in that day. There are days whereby I exercise just for the sake of exercising and there are also days where I go full force on myself. My reward after every workout would be a good meal!

Well, my guide on how to slip in a few squats on a daily basis. Squats and lunges is basically the only workout that doesn't look weird, does not require extra weights and it really gets your heart pumping. Each set consisting of 20 squats.

Here we go:

1. Showering

Shower time is the best time to squat away. While scrubbing your hair, do 20 squats! While squatting, it gives you more time to actually scrub your scalp clean. LOL. Stop to rinse the lathered foam away and then during conditioner time, do another 20 squats. That 20 squats is enough to get your heart pumping. Lastly, do another 20 squats after rinsing off your body soap.

So, if you shower twice a day, that would be double the amount of squats

Total squats: 120

2. Walking up the stairs

I have a total of 19 steps to take before I reach the top floor. Stop at each step to do 3 squats each. Lets say, you only do this at night before heading to bed.

Total Squats: 57

3. Brushing your teeth

A normal person brushes his/her teeth twice a day. While waiting for your teeth to finishing brushing, wtf.. do 20 squats lo.

Totals Squats: 40

4. Using the hairdryer

It takes about 3 - 5 minutes to dry long hair, not asking for 2 or more set or squats, just do 20 while you are waiting for your hair to dry.

Total squats: 20 - 40


5. Before turning off the light

Get your bump out of your bed to do 2 sets, it's really easy, not much effort to do so also before you call it the night.

Total Squats: 40

To sum it all up, if you can commit to doing squats during those time that I have mentioned, you would have easily scored a whooping 300 squats a day, which is enough to help firm your ass little by little. wtf lol

I don't think you have an excuse now, do you? Just slip in 20 squats while you are doing all the above.

Signing off,
Samantha Tew


  1. Haha ok I will do 20 squats while I read this post :P