A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Pool by the Tree House @ Sekeping Serendah


Back with the second post of my 3 days 2 night trip to Sekeping Serendah. Like I said in my previous post, there weren't much to do there, so coming from a swim school, our favorite pass time should involve some water activities don't you agree? 

Here's the path way which leads us to the pool :) All ready to rock and roll in the pool babeh! Was still drizzling thus the umbrella. lol

Of course, before the swim session starts, girls being girls would take tones of pictures to ensure that that is the right short la. LOL

Featuring one of my many mersisters without her tail. Agnes Ong! A true beauty/my sis lesbian partner, jk jk :D

Ah Keid, 1st pic he ask me to take with my Pansaonic underwater camera, it just gotta be something funny. HAHAH

Featuring my sohai sis wtf… she aint no goddess. You know how in Buddhism, there are like many steps to achieve enlightenment, she is located at the lowest rank of the hierarchy. HAHAHAH wtf wtf, jk jk.. i still love her even though she is quite inconsiderate sometimes, it's in her nature, can't blame her. HAHAHA jk jk~ ruvvv you <3

Featuring my huge thighs. HAHAHAH. My thigh was never this size 4 years back. This is the result of lotsa squats and lunges with heavy weights.

My highest achievement for deadliest is 60KG so far, have stopped lifting, am doing Kayla's program now.

How not to take lotsa pics when the view is so gorgeous!

Jeng jeng jeng~ one of the many selfies found in my camera taken by Ah Keid. such a vain pot LOL. More to come, keep going~

Jeng jeng jeng.. goddess of Pakistan fail shot. HAHAHAH

Don't ask me what he asked me to shoot. Turn the picture around for the result he was looking for.

and we have photo bomber even in the water

Head first

then butt

So many embarrassing pictures! They gonna kill me so bad! <3

Time for some jump shots, here a fail one coz we were not in sync. HAHAHA. both of them jumped in without me. LOL

Close but still failed. LOL

Look at Sabrina: "i ma gorilla, be afraid!" wtf

Acting demure! But am the total opposite. LOL

Another weird shot by this fella. HAHAHA he is attempting all kind of stunts la to capture a Insta worthy picture. Wonder if he found any.. heheh :P

Tew sisters!

With 16 years old Alvin! HAHAH and look at my ginormous arms…

Had Keid taking these shots for me. Very nice, just that the water were a bit too greenish for my liking. HAHAH

Gosh, even the boss is acting all weird! Found a huge leaf and asked him to be like an aborigines. wtf

HOW NOT TO LAUGH?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??

This 2 took so many selfies, don't even know which is the nice one!

Make way please for the butterfly. LOL shot taken by Sabrina! the only one she caught with my arms above water.

If only we brought a few tails over then it wud be perfect to capture a few mermaid photos. The lighting were right. 

This fella! LOL

Pretending to stare into space to grab a few shots. Photo credit: Alvin Gan

Beware of blob fish. If you have no idea what a blob fish is, please google it up! LOL
Looks exactly like this 2 fella. hahahahahahahahahahaha

PG 18! beware of "sexy" man! =P

I have no idea who is he trying to seduce! LOL

Okay la, don;t want to spoil his market, he is strong! Can carry two girls at the same time le. HAHAH

More wefies! :)

Group discussion while Agnes stares into space.

Alvin killed a huge mozzy! He is always looking at imaginary mozzy, always takes that as an excuse to hit me lor, but this is for real.

What a beauty!

This 16 years old boy! Sigh.. such a young fella!

ops, found another one. Sorry Keid! Just gotta post all this up. Next time, when i read back all this post, I wud definitely laugh. :P

Willis wasn't featured in all the above pics cause he only came in in the evening after our evening swim. Missed all the fun session lor!

Step on Ah Keid! Too fat, ended up drowning Keid even more.

This fight is an internal fight. We have long for this day and its finally here! I lost la purposely coz i don't want Ah Keid to suffer. I too heavy edy, if the fight continues, he will not be able to walk tomorrow. HAHAH

Taken on the 2nd day in a separate pool. :)

Wait up for the next post, will be letting u know why we had to change pool.

Underwayer photo credit: Willis :)

Look who has got asian eyes. wtf

Willis, buddy of "20 years" even though i have nay known him for 9 years officially! Never regretted making a fren like him. One of the best asshole i've known! <3

Thank you for being such a great friend monyet! :P

Post 3 coming right up, would be all about our meals :)

Signing off,
Samantha Tew

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