A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Onto a Healthy Lifestyle

Hello All,

I'm back again, this round with a video i spent so much time on. I had my fair share of video editing back in Uni, but man I completely forgotten how tedious it could be. 

I had weeks to complete a video assignment in uni but I kinda had to rush this to ensure I have content on my blog.

Two weeks back, I briefly mentioned on my Dayre that I wanted to record my workout exercises/routine to keep track of what I'm doing. This can also serve as a guide for those who are in need of a workout program.

To be honest, the current workout routine that I'm working on is the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide. You can find it here if you are keen to purchase! I have heard of friends who have downloaded the e-book but never commit till the end, so I suggest that you purchase it. Feeling the pinch on your wallet will eventually allow you to put your mind into it. :P

I came across Kayla about a year back but i didn't have the time to commit, I think it was just an excuse to not get down to doing HIIT exercises. I hate cardio activities, who doesn't? Many people who have committed fully on Kayla's program saw a major change in their body/lifestyle. Check out Kayla's Instagram for a glimpse of what her followers have achieved. Nothing overly extreme, no chunky bicep or glute, but a tonned abs if you really commit in terms of your workout and your FOOODDDD (which i fail horrible in the dieting aspect)

My workout necessities: 
Mat, my New Balance shoes which only cost RM170 (from Sports Direct), dumbbells 1.5KG (it's damn light) but Kayla's programme and a timer.

As Mentioned above, Kayla's workout are HIIT exercise; High Intensity Interval Training. 

Her program tbh is pretty simple if you are gonna compare it to Insanity AH. That is one killer program, never done it before but I have seen videos and heard of friend saying how much effort and commitment you have to put in.

With Kayla, you only need to commit 3x a week and each day 28 mins. There 2 circuit to accomplish and each circuit you are supposed to do twice at 7 mins:

Circuit One X 1 = 7 Mins
Circuit Two X 1 = 7 Mins
Circuit One X 1 = 7 Mins
Circuit Two X 1 = 7 Mins

Total workout time: 28 Mins *take 60 - 90s rest in between each circuit*

Sounds easy right? But it does keep you heart pumping fast and sweating dripping too.

Another part which you needa know is, Kayla's program for Week 1&3, Week 2&4, Week 5&7, Week 6&8, Week 9&11 and Week 10&12 are the pretty. Alternating the circuits for 4 weeks before you move on to the whole new program. 

Might get a little boring after a while so find a partner to work with you. I do everything on my own, my sis has no time for this shit! HAHAH wtf

Here is Week 1 Monday Leg & Cardio workout! :) Drop me a question at the comment section below yea if you have any, not an expert when it comes to fitness but I know quite a fair share of stuff. Picked up a lot since I started gyming 3-4 years back!

p/s: My video editing skills suck balls, damn abrupt the ending! DON'T LAUGH ='( kthxbai

The Kayla BBG workout, i wouldn't say it has zero toughness it in, if you are a total beginner completed 2 out of the 4 circuit is already a great job! But as you progress, you are able to see the changes it does to your body, strength and stamina. 

When i started Kayla in February, I couldn't event finish 3 circuit even though i go the gym very often.

The reason I workout is cause i consume lotsa calories on a daily basis, more than what a woman should, so i need to burn off the extra calories to not out on weight, It work perfectly well. I stopped Kayla at week 6 in May for a month and i gained a few pounds and that was how I realised that Kayla works really well for me!

At one point, I did control my food and consistently worked out, managed to achieve a little bit of ton-ness, but after that, I simply control fatty food again. e.g.: KFC McD etc. lol

I'm currently at week 7, 4 circuits isn't that tough to me anymore. When i arrive at week 9 - 12, would definitely let you know if the workout is tough or not la. :)

In the meantime, go get your Kayla e-book and start working out together guys! Having a fit body leads to a healthy mindset too.

Not sure when would i be free to record, edit and post up the next workout. Will try my best to record and edit them during weekends! 

Signing off,
Samantha Tew

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