A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Monday, 3 August 2015

Off you go manly hair!

If you have read my past post, you would have know that I have scary manly leg hair. Hair as thick and long as rapunzel, just that its not blonde la, it's BLACK! HAHAH

So, every once in a while i need to visit this place below:

Strip: Misnitry of Waxing 

for two reasons, brazillian or half leg waxing

The Sunway Pyramid brunch recently just renovated, must have been ripping me and other ladies off money la, cause their treatment really too expensive already. HAHAH

But i still go back to them cause the ladies there are very professional, they always engage conversational with you while they are striping you off those ugly and unwanted hairs. LOL

The new renovated place looks really bright and it has very minimal decos.

Lead to a small room to get change and what not before i lie down for a short & quick torturing session. 

I would always take a deep breath and exhale she i know the lady is about to pull the wax off! oh goshhh~ but all is good when you see is clean. HAHAH

As a woman, hygiene and beauty is number one la. We are willing to spend the extra money for the two mentioned element.

Got no idea, what this thing below is. Looks like an electrical switch to switch on when a mad scientific wants to electrocute you! wtf wtf. HAHAHAHAH

Got my brazillian wax done with the chocolate wax, it's only available in Strip, i have heard of numerous favor tbh and it smells really good! HAHAHA.

Have no idea why would you need a chocolate or watermelon wax to wax your ermmm pet pet HAHAHAHAH WTF

Looks like i'm ready for surgery. AHAHA

All equipment ready, sanitizer, lotion, gloves, scissors, tweezer, ice cream sticks etc!

ps: I secretly took all this picture. The lady left the room to allow me to get dress but i took picture 1st. haha

It's a quick update for today! Got to go~

Not a sponsored post, wrote this cause i genuinely like Strip #StripMY :)

Signing off,
Samantha Tew

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