A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Saturday, 8 August 2015

My New Purchase

Hello there! 

By far my most expensive purchase in my entire life. HAHAH. This is actually my 2nd Macbook. 1st being the Macbook Pro that I brought back in 2012, 1st year of uni. Needed a Macbook cause of the editing software and what not la. That time i didn't pay the entire thing cause sis paid a little for.. hehe.. Love you Stephanie! I didn't even pay her back lor. =P

Why I needed a new Macbook? : backside itchy la. wtf

My Pro was running slow already and the battery is draining like mad, so i decided to just go ahead and swipe my credit card and regret later la. ='( ='( ='( ='( *cries a river**floor the whole room* wtf.. 

Brought my Mac from Harvey Norman la so I can pay by instalment. heheh
Coincidentally, Harvey Norman had this deal whereby you purchase a Macbook Air and you can get RM100 accessories for free. I picked up the portable speaker.

The salesman super hardcore la, kept promoting me more expensive speaker but the cheapskate me didn't want to pay anything extra so I told him, it's alright. I only needed a normal speaker.

oh, hello there sexy beast!

The reason why i didn't go back to the Macbook Pro is cause:
1. Price difference - it's about RM1000 difference
2. I do not need something so pro now geddit geddit? lol I only use the Mac for drama, blogging and most of the time researching.

I have got a new reason now, gonna start editing videos. Whatever I can record la honestly. LOL

Call it luck or anything la. Any purchase of more than RM250 or RM900 with your HSBC Credit Card at MidValley entitle you to free KAPOW! :)

These bags key chain quite cute le. The watermelon and mangosteen has zipper on it, allow you to store coins.  

[Video] Don't be too harsh on my editing skills and the awkward pauses in the video. . It really takes up a lot of time just to edit one simple video. Not sure if I have the time to do this frequently.

Signing off,
Samantha Tew

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  1. Nice unboxing video! :)

    Oh, you're a Mac user! I've had one in the past (also had a Palm Pilot, collect all sorts of unusual devices) but can't run a lot of apps and games on it so I went PC instead. It's a lot better in terms of applications support nowadays.