A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Hands on at the Stove @ Sekeping Serendah

PART 3 [Final]

Leaving the best for the last part. What is there that is better than FOOD! *grin*

If you have missed out Part 1 (How the tree house looks like) & Part 2 (Of Swimsuits and unglam shots). Check it out!

Promise that this would be the last entry. HAHAH.. bet everyone is getting a bit bored. 

The team decided to fetch up half carton of wine to Sekeping cause there isn't really much to do except for the few things that I have mentioned.

Chilling up the wine in the fridge before we get started on our day. 

These pots are brought from home too, Sekeping provided wok but only like one or two, definitely not enough for a whole bunch of hungry people.

One of the con at the pantry is, the fire is very slow. It takes a lot of time before the food can be cook, everyone was hungry by then.

Day 1 meal: STEAMBOAT :)

Clean and healthy.

Sausages, chicken and what not in the ice box all the way from Klang.

Dinner was at 7PM, everyone is helping out at the pantry to prepare food. Special thanks to Chloe, Lea, Wai San, Ah Yuan, Ah Chia and Jin throughout the three days. Honestly, i didn't even enter at pantry la, the only time i went there is to get food. HAHAHA wtf

很丰富! :) So much variety

We even had tiger prawns and crab le fyi. Tiger beer and wine to go with hot steamy food under cold weather! GOOD LARH!

Wah, perfect #Flatlay, pic taking assisted by boss Dolphin!

Satisfied face after dinner before we head for our night swim, which then got chased away by the guard cause it was 10PM already. Pool closes at 10PM so no one is allowed to enter. =(

All of us slept together. Twin bed taken by Sabrina and Agnes while Willis, Keid and I took the single bed. Me and Keid ended up sleeping on the floor, don't even need the netting. Too cold for mozzy to come out and play. :D

Bright and shine!

Remember i mentioned that the stairs were quite scary, there you go! No railing for you to hold onto it =(

In fear you might fall flat, just crawl up la. lol

Willis & Sabrina just woke up face!

Breakkie prepared by Keid. How often do you see a guy preparing breakkie for you. HAHA

But, he sucks at it la. Took so much time and food remnants was stuck to the stick pan cause he placed too little oil. wtf *lousy chef, he shud just stick to diving la* lol

yer, look at Willis! Notice that no one was touching the phone right? HAHAHAH. no choice coz no coverage :)

Wai Shen washing the plate, just standing there being all amazed. wtf

Day 2, we had to shift out of the huge villa into smaller houses cause someone booked the huge villa earlier than us. SAD!

We had 2 hours plus to waste before lunch was served or before even we get to check into our new homes. Spent the 2 hours plus just walking around, taking more pictures and catching up with each other.

This is the glass house. Everything can be seen from the outside.

One of the thing everyone got addicted too is the Vape la. Wai Shen brought his Vape over and everyone started taking turn to tape too.

This genius came up with the idea of making bubble smoke. Prepared soup from the toilet and use used up toilet roll to blow into. HAHAH

That 2 hours waiting time really took a toll on everyone la. Mr Willis decided to jz a quick nap but too bad, SAM here managed to capture two really unglam pic of this pig!


After moving in and having a simple lunch of mee hook soup, we decided to go swimming again. All swimming pics in the 2nd posting.

It's finally time for BBQ dinner! Everyone busy working at the pitt.

Cute Nigel having his chicken :)

Looking at all this is making me really hungry. Anybody want to host a BBQ dinner soon? :)

The crab were amazing, so super sweet coz we added bbq sauce onto it.

Sambal prawns cooked by Ah Chia. *fantastic*

So crunchy the meat. <3

Ser Ling's amazing idea. Use aluminum foil, place in marshmallow and add in milo powder. :)

Lastly, mantis prawn for everybody cooked by Ah Chia again. Finger licking good but the mantis prawns a bit too small for my liking and it's so much harder to peel mantic prawn than normal prawns, had the privilege of Willis peeling it for me.. MUAHAHAHAHAH thanks bro! ;P

Ser Ling preparing a big feast for us. She killed the fish and cut it open.

Boss, Jin and Chia took off to fishing at about 1 KM away from Sekeping and managed to catch that huge one that the kitchen table.

Well, that was the last fulfilling meal we had before we head for a night swim again :)

Bidding farewell to this place was quite tough, was really a relaxing getaway for me. No thoughts of work of any other things. :)

Clockwise from Alvin (Red shirt), Ser Ling, Agnes, Sabrina, Keid, Lexy, Willis, Wai Shen, Naomi. This trip was made fun because of all these people. :)

Signing off,
Samantha Tew

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