A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

A New Found Concrete Tree House @ Sekeping Serendah

[Part 1]

Hello again! :)

I can't believe i'm blogging consistently these few days, i hope i don't lose interest that soon la. lol

Well, if you would have followed me on my IG @sammytsl, you would most probably have seen quite a number of pictures already. I have no time to update this space, am actually having breakfast in the office while typing whatever I can now. 

From the title above, you would most probably be able to guess that I was at Sekeping Serendah just last Friday - Sunday (31st July - 2nd Aug), a short 3 days 2 night trip. Trip was initiated by boss Dolphin Lee, my swim school boss. It's indeed our annual company trip. 2 years back we went to Redang, this round we are based in a forest thus the tree house title! More deets on the "tree" house in a bit!

We left Klang at around 12PM, check in time was at 2PM, takes about 1 hour or so o reach cause it's situated in Rawang, still in Selangor T.T

The way into Sekeping, passed by this huge lake, picture taken when the car was moving at aabout 50KM/H. :)

We arrived at 1.35PM to only be told that we can't enter the compound yet cause it's not check in time yet. Thank god for Dominos Pizza, had lunch outside, within 10 mins of our arrival, it started pouring cats and dogs lor! Had to hide inside the car. HAHAHA

Sharp 2PM, they opened up the gate to let us in, got to drive up the sloppy hill, all tarred and cement. AHAHAH.. so called forest stay huh! =P

On our left is the huge villa that can accommodate 10 - 15 people. Dolphin booked 2 huge villa side by side for easy access to food. wtf!

Small lorong over there leads us to the swimming pool. More swimming pictures in a bit! =D

Entrance to our villa, coming in from the door, turn left is to Dolphin's and his family's "tree house" and on the right is the kiddos "tree house".

Boss's head got chopped off in the picture!

Look at the concept, I just heard from Rebecca, my colleague that the houses are build around the trees, nothing is being chopped down to build the structure. No wonder, i see lotsa tree branches just hanging around as if to say, "hey you mofo, you in my territory lo!". wtff

So boootifulll! i likeee~

Open concept pantry, all the cooking is done here, they provided cooking utensils too but they do not cook for you la. We brought in a bunch of food in ice boxes for our steamboat and bbq meal :)

Dining table, everything is made out of wood.

Clean sheets and comfy bed and not forgetting those netting you put down when you go to sleep.

To be honest, there were not mozzy bites at all for me. Maybe it was raining both days and weather was a bit too cold for mozzy's liking. No need for netting at all!

Right from the top, overlooking our cars and trees trees trees! No fantastic views la hor if you are wondering. :D

Toilet, see! Got lights and clean water, so it wasn't so bad lor! Only thing is, the toilet to our bed is fcking far, you have to get down from steeps stairs jz to gain access to the toilet. HAHAH

No major complains la, just hold your pee la that's all! wtf

In the middle of the toilet also got big tree trunk.

An overview of the toilet:

Selfie on the counter top in the pantry! :)

Two siao pos: Sabrina and Agnes! :O

Minimal deco, very very rusty la in general

Trees growing wildly.

Overview of the tree house:

Street Tree House Fighter

Sabrina VS Agnes

Rich kid sitting beside me, everyday talk about branded goods one. But i'm sure its humble bragging la. HAHAHAHAH

Our entertainer throughout the whole trip, Ah Keid, you will know why in the next post! :P

My picture art bo?

This two like newly wed liddat, it's as if like they are on their honeymoon trip man. Go everywhere also together, i think shit also go together. LOL wtf

I would say, i really enjoyed myself alot eventho it was a really simple trip, eat simple, sleep simple and shower also simple. No fancy mancy stuff but I was really quite happy to spend 3 days with this bunch of colleagues i call friend as well.

I did not have the pressure of checking my phone at all the entire 3 days, no data or wifi can be found in the area except one spot, just right above the swimming pool. I don't need it honestly, i feel disconnected from the world. :)

With no stress, you feel less fatigue. Therefore more swimming and jumping around. HAHA

We played lotsa card games ranging from asshole - UNO - cho tai ti. We even played police and killer, not the usual one where you close your eyes and tryna guess who the mafia is. This game, all eyes wide open, killer suppose to kill the citizen by winking at them. HAHAHA. Damn super kan cheong game la. Heart pumping so fast when you are the killer.

Gonna end the post here right now. I really enjoyed myself a lot and it's all thanks to the team and Dolphin Lee! :)

p/s: breaking up my post, next post would all be of swimming and Keid's gay pictures! wtf stay tune

Signing off,
Samantha Tew


  1. Oh I've been here a long time ago! I think it was 2008 - they only had BBQ facilities then, no cooking facilities. It looks awesome, would love to go again. Glad you had fun! :)

    1. yeap, definitely had a good time there. You should go with a whole bunch of friends again :))))