A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Monday, 10 August 2015

8 All Time Favourite K Drama

Hellooo! :)

I never generally spoke of my love for K-pop/K-dramas to any other people except for my close friends.

Will give you a history I got into the K-world, the K fever hit me when I was 16 (2008), it was at a time where young female teens hormones were strong. wtf. I was introduced to this boyband name TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki then, consisting of member (Yunho, Jaejoong, Yoochun, Jaesu and Changmin, yeah.. i still remember names), that was one of my favourite phase as a teen. :) Didn't understand a single thing of what the song was rambling about but it was catchy enough to catch my attention, furthermore the guys were cute. hahaha.

still remember, everyday after school before heading out for tuition, i would get a short dose of my kpop on the family computer, used to save tons of pictures on my Sony's phone and stare endlessly at their pics. Can't believe i used to be so obsessed. HAHAH

K-pop was what i turned too when I was feeling down, instead of boyfriends. I don't need no bfs.. HAHAH! Don't judge me! Mum said cannot have bf when you are still in high school so kpop was my 2nd option la. I spend so much money and time on K-pop, moving from one band to another. The Korean scene grew so fast, more and more people started speaking about the Korean boyband, started learning the language and etc.

It was hard to keep up after 4 years of total obsession, and one of the reason i gave up also is cause i met Eric la. LOL.. i didn't have time for these Korean boy bands anymore cause all my time was spent talking to him. =.="

Anyway, today's topic is Sammy's fav korean drama la. I have caught so many many many dramas since young, lost track of the number la but here are 10 of my all time favourite! All jumbled up, not gonna rank it 1 - 8 except for Stairways to Heaven.

1. Stairways to Heaven

This top the chart! Have anyone cried watching a drama from the start of the show till the end of the show ar? I first watched this drama when i was 9 years old. wtf. I cried every single episode! Not joking. At that age, there were no CD's yet, it was the VCR tape, and the video rental store were very famous back then. Mum borrowed this from the store every week, so we would just cramp in front of a small TV and cry our eyeballs out.

Kwon Sang Woo was also my 1st favourite Korean actor and here is how my 1st fav korean song sounds like! LOL

Rating: 11/10

2. Secret Garden

If you have not seen this quirky love story, you gotta watch it la. Unlike Stairways to heaven where you cry and cry and cry, this one can't stop you from laughing. Love the concept of the male and female character switching body/character!

The male's character changed so drastically towards the end, seeing how he sacrificed so much for a girl he used to hate makes my heart soft la!

Their significant scene is the foam kissing scene, everyone was raving about it back then. Lotsa variety shows tried to mimic that scene. HAHAH

Rating: 9.8/10

3. You Who Came From The Star

This was great too, Jeon Ji Hyun is so so so pretty but the character she had to act was a crazy/insane one, she had to act like a sampat-poh. HAHAH.

I personally think, Korean drama highlight are their kiss scenes. *sounds like a pervert wtf*. In this show, Kim Soo Hyun is an alien, so whenever he kissed a kill, he faint and get really ill. HAHAH, make no sense right but damn funny!

Rating: 9.8/10

4. The Winter, The Wind Blows

This show made my heart flutter so so much! <3 This show really warms your heart on a winter day!

Song Hye Gyo, the ambassador of Laneige acted as a blind heiress, being con by Jo In Sung; pretending to be her long lost brother and the eventually fell in love. Song Hye Gyo is super graceful la in every shows that she acts in except for full house. hahah

See, I told you.. each Korean drama has a significant kiss scene. This is the cotton candy kiss scene, as usual I saw many Korean artist mimicking this scene too. HAHAH

Rating: 9.3/10

5. Mask

To be honest, both the actors and actress aren't really good looking, the word 'doppelgänger' was the one that caught my attention when i first saw the trailer. Why is this show called "MASK"? The female lead played a major role in this show, she had to pretend to be her doppelgänger who has died. No major love story in this show, it's more of a boom, in your face kinda show!

Rating this 8.9/10

6. 49 Days

Again, the actors and actress didn't caught my attention. I was introduced to this show by a friend. To sum up this show, the girl (Nam Guy Ri) who fell into a coma and can't remember how she met an accident, had her soul still lingering on earth. To find out the cause of her death, she have 49 days to collect 3 drops of sincere tears from people who truly cared for her. To achieve her goal, she had to possessed the body of a suicidal woman (Lee Yo Won). Slowly, she discovered that finding 3 people who truly cared for her isn't that easy after all.

It's a really sad show! Tears poured like rain also for this show!

Rating: 9/10

7. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

This couple is uber cute! Shin Min-ah is a real goddess la. You won't believe how hard i laughed at both their silliness in this show! Towards the end, it was a bit heart wrenching la. Shin Min-ah is a fox who wants to be human, in order to be human, she seeks the help of Lee Seung Gi and they eventually fell in love la. But if one of them were to success, the other would die.

Forget to mention that the 2nd lead actor very handsome le! No Min Woo

8. Scent of A Woman

Last one, won't say much about this. I know, all my favourite are love stories! Well, hello i'm a female kay and i only love watching drama which allow me to cry! LOL *weird girl*

Again, it's a rich stud falling in love with a poor lowly employed clerk; she discovered that she had 6 months to live, spending her last 6 months cruising and enjoying life, she unexpectedly found love!

Naming you this 8 at the moment, I have more to suggest. If you are keen to explore more, let me know in the comment box! Will reply you with others that I found pretty interesting too. :)

Signing off,
Samantha Tew

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