A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Monday, 31 August 2015

5 Activities To Achieve A Productive Weekends in Malaysia

Happy Merdeka Malaysian! It's been 58 years Malaysia gained its independence!

I love Malaysia due to many many reasons, I hope that our country will improve politically and financially in the near years! It's saddening to see how a beautiful country is on the verge of dying due to a corrupted government. =(

The purpose of today's blogpost is not to speak of the current political situation, am here to enlighten you with a few activities to make your weekend a productive one. :)

Alright! To be frank, my favourite weekend past time is to sleep, eat and to catch up with my Korean series/English series but, I really need to change this lazy lifestyle of mine.

Have thought of a few things which I would really love to do if I'm not over-ly exhausted. LOL

Being quite an active/adventurous?! person, most of the activities suggested involve going outdoor or under the sun. 

Here we go:

1. Hiking

I have went up Broga about 5 years back with my collage mates. Nothing very extreme, was a great workout. Climbing up in the dark to only realise that it was quite steep when we had to come down. HAHAH

Other than Broga Hill, there is Bukit Cahaya (Bukit Sapu Tangan), FRIM & Bukit Gasing! Hope my high school mates are up for all this hikes! 

2. Skytrex

Visited the Shah Alam Skytrex more than 5 years back, did the extreme one! Had quite a blast the last time, really looking forward to do this again! 

Have a few friends who used to work there, hoping that they could bring me in for FREE.. hehehe!

You could also rent a bicycle there and cycle around, it's quite a huge piece of land.

These are my college mates which I have already lost contact with. =( 

Really miss those days where we hanged out quite a bit!

3. Rock Climbing

I haven had the chance to do this! Everyone have been telling that your upper body must be very short if you are short! No surprise, Sam here is super short if you have met me in person. 

I don't know if my upper body is strong enough with all the weights training previously and arms workout from Kayla's program. Gotta find a day to try this out with my friends. :) 

Let me know who is up yea?!

This picture extracted from google is of the indoor rock climbing at Cyberjaya, there is one more at 1 Utama; Camp 5 but it's pretty pricey I heard and you need to be a member to gain access. boo~

4. Exploring Cave

Man, I would love to do this. Have not done any research on where would be the nearest cave to venture but if you have any suggestion. Do drop it at the comment box! 

Wait, just to make things clear, I'm not looking at Batu Cave ya!!! wtf lololol. 

I'm looking at caves where I would need to drip my feet into water or crawl through a dark hole. So "chi kek" thinking about it!

5. Water rafting

Oh boy, this must be the most adventurous one of the 5 that I have listed! Read that there is one at Selangor River and one at Ulu Slim, Perak! 

Pretty excited to try this out! :)

That's all folks! These are the outdoor-sy stuff I would love to have a go at within this year! Let me know if there are more crazy fun stuff to try! :)

p.s: NO PAINTBALL kthxbai

Signing off,
Samantha Tew

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