A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Sunday, 26 July 2015

What's on my skin?

This is definitely not a paid review neither is this a sponsored product review. Would just like to share what is on my face when i meet people out of the house & office. Yea, i usually don't put make up on in the office cause i don't see the need of it neither is anybody looking at me.

By the way, this is my first beauty review. Don't judge me so much for the lack of information.

The only reasons i splurge on make up is cause when i meet clients or bloggers, i need to look as presentable as possible but even at times, i just slap on foundation, blusher and get my brow drawn on and i'm all set to go meet people.

My skin hasn't been good all my life, it has looks of scars and open pores (pot holes i call it), it will not recover unless i decides to get on with laser treatment which i can't effort obviously, so make up is the only way at the moment.

Here is how my skin looks like without anything on. It doesn't look very bad here cause of Samsung NX Mini, it's a selfie camera, kinda help to find the flaws.

Having very sensitive skins with loads of scars indirectly place a kind of fear in me to only put good stuff on my face.

Another one of my problem is freaking oily skin, many beauticians claimed that skin too dehydrated already that's why it emits oil as a replacement. So, I have no choice but to stick to matte products to avoid worst cases of oil emission. Gosh, i sound like an oil factory. HAHA

Well, i start of with the basic kay

1. Primer

Make Up Forever Face (blue) - Bad redness in my skin as you can see from the above picture, needed something that controls oil and also equalize the redness. Bought this at RM180+ -. Loving how smooth the texture is but it is really expensive for a medium size tube and quite a bit is needed to cover the entire face. Nevertheless still a good buy. Will be trying out the Guerlein Primer when this runs out

2. Foundation

I have tried on a couple foundation of different brand, but I would name my favorite here:

Make Up Forever Mat Velvet

This is how it looks like on my skin. I love it! The best purchase. This foundation stays on for the entire day even outdoor, it doesn't flake or shows hint of dryness even though it is matte. Of course, the skins get oily after 2 hours but it's definitely better than the other products I have tried.

I will probably get down with a full review soon when I have more time at hand.

3. Brows (Shu Uemura)

I used to work with Cyber color brow pencil but my friend/colleague says that I look like Sinchan, even with feature light hand, a lot of colors gets on the brow so it becomes too thick. There, look Sin Chan with make up:

But, a friend introduced me to the Shu Uemura Eye Brow pencil and it only cost RM80+, might as well give it a try! IT'S THE BEST BROW PENCIL! It's comes off so natural. Never am I switching to another brand. I guess when it comes to make up, it's all about trying and testing it. If it doesn't suit it, you gotta change.

Well, here is the one with Shu's, #BrowGameStrong <3

3. Blusher - hands down all Urban Decay products! I'm a huge fan of Urban Decay. I bought the Flushed Palette a year back cause i thought, HEY! got bronzer, highlighter and blusher le, worth it and to top on, the color quite safe la, nothing extreme to go out with. If i;m not mistaken this palette cost RM110. Love the pigmentation, i never had to apply on my brush or I might look like a baboon if I do.

Recently, I went a big gung-ho larh, I wanted to try on a different tone cause I saw Bobo's cheek color looks so nice and it looks a bit orange-y/red-ish and I was also introduced to the 8 hours afterglow by Urbang Decay when i attend Michiekins & Bwincessnana's Mermaid Dreams Mono Pop launch a month back.

Had my mind set on buying one of the blusher, set my mind on the tone below:

Urbang Decay Afterglow 8 Hours Powder Blush - BANG!

As usual, apply only very very mild to your brush to avoid being a red traffic light.

If you are fairly fair, this color would suit you pretty well! Cost about RM90?! It definitely is a BANG! :P

Did a little shading on my hand:

Left to right: Urban Decay BANG, Urban Decay Flushed Palette and Silky Girl Pink

Before i forget, never ever purchase Silky Girl, look what happened to both my blusher. Made a mess in my make up pouch! *urghh*

4. Eyeliner

As I have mentioned, my face emits oil easily, same goes to eye lid. I have tried countless eyeliner of different brand and stumble across this!

To warn you first, this isn't exactly an eyeliner! HAHAH! This is a black color eyelash glue.

It works magic, it's waterproof as well. Take a slightly longer time to dry up but it stays on for the entire day without smudges! NO JOKE!

If you are death tired of having all kind of smudges, please go to the nearest SASA and get yourself this - Dolly Wink Eyelash Glue.

The tip is so thin and sharp, your wing-liner would be perfect as well. Furthermore, it's goddamn cheap! RM40 only for such a great product, CAN-NEVER-RESIST!

Last but not least

5. Concealer

I often skip this step unless the zits game is strong larh!

Heard lotsa review about this product, decided to give it a try. Not my favorite product tbh

The Maracuja Ceaseless Concealer by Tarte. Pretty pricey for a small tube RM110! but it consist of some healing ingredient which helps to heal zits.

The texture of this product is quite thick/glue-y! It's not easy to apply this on the entire face, If you are only looking at patting on concealer and leave the house, this is definitely not the product for you.

Am planning to purchase the NARS concealer soon, not so soon maybe! A bit poor atm. HAHAH

That's all folks! Thanks for staying till the end, it really is a motivation if people do read your updates. HAHAH.

Will probably do a full review on each product soon! :)

Only thing that is missing is on the lips, I have got too many lip products! Will get on to that soon.

Stay tune.

Signing off,
Samantha Tew

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