A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

The need of a good primer

If you have not read my previous beauty review, you can catch it here. :)

This would be my 2nd beauty review. Getting em up one by one! ;P

*Sorry for the stains on my Skin Equalizer*

Well now for a proper primer review. I have always contemplated on whether I should spend on a primer, it took me the longest time to decide on getting a primer after countless time being persuade by the salesperson in Sephora. 

Well, all beauty junkie should know that the use of a primer is to correct skin tone and even out the texture of the skin to achieve longer lasting make up result. Many have mentioned that, putting on primer will lessen the need of applying more foundation. I did not want to believe all this sales gimmick at first but after personally trying it, it true as it can be! It makes foundation application easier and the amount used is also lesser. Good deal, good deal! :)

Many are afraid of priming due to the texture of the product, the greasy feel and fear of pores clogging. Nah~ primer helps to reduce oil emission for me. In my previous post, i mentioned about how I'm an oil factory right? HAHA. Primer helps to control oiliness.

I mentioned the first primer that I have tried is the Make Up Forever Skim Equalizer to correct my skin tone. I bought the Blue one as I have a mild case of red-ness. I will be comparing the Skin Equalizer to Benefit Pore-fessional. Both are equally great product, it depends on which texture you are more comfortable with.

Before I start, here is an image of how my skin looks like after my morning bath and without any make up on. I am afraid to look into the mirror sometimes, the fear of looking at these pot holes. =( =( =( =(
My sis is born with great skin but mine is horrendous! =( =( =( =(

How to apply foundation to  that kind of face? ='( ='( ='(

I decided to purchase the Make Up Forever not because I did my research or whatsoever but cause I truth Make Up Forever! #TeamMakeUpForever because of the foundation I'm currently using. Leaving that for another post.

What I discovered after buying the Step 1 Skin Equalizer is that it is formulated with hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin. No wonder, it controls my emission of oil la, even Eric noticed it lo the first time I used it, tried it on without even putting on foundation and he asked me, 'how come your face not oily one today?'. So i told him, 'SEE, always ask me don't buy don't buy! I buy good stuff so it doesn't strain my skin any MOREE!'. He doesn't know how to reply to that. #Win

The one that I bought is from the tone corrector range. It helps to correct imbalance color tone and deliver radiance and hydration to the skin.

See, it's very lightweight, nothing too heavy that would make you look like Avator or Smurf. HAHAH

Gently dap it around to spread first before rubbing it into you skin.

The primer leaves a hint go blue-ness in your skin but nothing too extreme lo okay! It helps to correct redness ma that's why! Best thing is, it feels like you applied nothing at all.

Moving on, stole this from le-sister =P

I have tried this on once.. shhhh, she doesn't know *but now she does cause she is deafly reading this*.

This was actually my first choice for primer when i first consider buying but Sabrina beat me to this so i ended up getting the Skin Equalizer, to regretting my buy but I kinda like this too.

Love Benefit products packaging, girls are sucker for pretty packaging and I cannot deny that Benefit are one of the best in terms of outlook!

Personally love the POREfessional, it reduces my size of my pores but of course, it is still visible la. Who am i kidding, my pores are like pot hole size le! If any primer can close the hole, please recommend to me, I will queue to buy!

A small amount would do unless if you face is the size of an A4 paper la. LOLOL.. kids kids!

After blending it in, you don't see a single thing. Your skin is as smooth as baby's bump, it feels a bit greasy during application but it definitely isn't la. It's the smoothness of the primer that makes it feel greasy.

Here is an example of how both primer look on the skins:
Right: Skin Equalizer (slightly blu-ish)
Left: POREfessional (magic! you see nothing)

I personally prefer the Skin Equalizer, even after rinsing with water, you can still see hints of blue, this shows that it's quite waterproof.

On to the face now,

Before - visible redness

After Priming - reduced redness, lesser visibility of pores too *excuse the eyelashes and tower*

After foundation, blusher and loose powder, with natural lighting.

After 8 hours of being out, no touch up or whatsoever - mild visible oiliness, can see it from the shine.

All in all, it's a good investment even though it cost a bomb to purchase the Skin Equalizer primer. Check out Sephora if you are interested. :)

Signing off,
Samantha Tew

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  1. I personally like the POREfessional primer! it leaves a silky finish